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Pride in the Sky Parking & Shuttle Information

Pride in the Sky Parking & Shuttle Information


Frontier Park is rapidly growing and evolving, which means that both the Town of Prosper and Prosper Independent School District are adding more and more parking!! This year at Pride in the Sky, anyone who wishes to park on-site should plan to arrive early to secure your parking space. There will be hundreds of spaces available to the public and can only be accessed via the WEST ENTRANCE of the park. Parking passes are not available for this entrance, and once the parking lot is full, you will be directed to Prosper High School to ride the free shuttles. THERE IS NO PUBLIC PARKING AVAILABLE VIA THE EAST ENTRANCE OR ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE PARK.

At the end of the event, everyone will leave via the WEST EXIT and all cars will be directed to head WEST on Frontier Parkway. Cars WILL NOT be allowed to turn right and go EAST on Frontier Parkway. Prosper Police Department will be on-hand to direct traffic and keep the cars moving.



Once again, we will be offering a FREE shuttle from Prosper High School to Frontier Park. To take advantage of the free shuttle, please park on the north and east side of PHS to load. Buses will begin accepting riders as early as 4:30pm but will not take anyone to the event until 5:00pm. We have increased the number of buses this year to cut down on the wait time for the shuttles.

The shuttles will deliver passengers to the event by the entrance of the Kid Zone. Shuttles will run continuously throughout the evening, transporting people to and from the park. The very last shuttle prior to the fireworks will depart from Prosper High School NO LATER than 8:55pm. If you are not on a bus by 8:55pm, you will not be able to get into Frontier Park to watch the fireworks.

After the fireworks have ended and the Prosper Fire Department gives the all-clear, all of the buses will begin loading passengers to return them to Prosper High School. This will take place at approximately 10:00pm and at the same entrance as passengers were dropped off at. The shuttles will continue to run until all passengers have been returned to the PHS parking lot. The band will play until 11:00pm, allowing for entertainment while everyone is able to grab a shuttle.



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