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Fireworks-related Emergencies Not on Firefighters’ List

Fireworks-related Emergencies Not on Firefighters’ List

Firefighters on duty during the July 4th holiday will be ready for any emergency, as they always are, but responding to emergencies related to fireworks within Prosper is most certainly not on their to-do list.

Not only do fireworks present a fire danger to structures and property, they also present a danger of serious injury to those who handle them or who fall victim to careless use of them, says Fire Marshal Bryan Ausenbaugh. For these reasons, the Town prohibits their possession and use. “Every year throughout the country, the careless and often illegal use of fireworks results in tragic consequences,” he said. “For these and many other reasons, municipalities like Prosper pass ordinances that make it illegal to possess or use them.”

Nationwide, preventable tragedies mount during the Independence Day holiday. While merchants strategically set up retail fireworks sales stands where allowed by law, it is not legal to have possession of these items within Prosper. And, of course, the use of fireworks, whether or not purchased by the user, is also strictly prohibited. Ordinance #00-13 makes it a misdemeanor offense to possess or discharge fireworks inside the Town limits and within the extra-territorial jurisdiction. The only fireworks allowed in Prosper are those set off by professionals with a valid permit, an inspection and proof of a bond.

The annual Pride in the Sky event at Frontier Park, scheduled for Tuesday, July 3, culminates in a sanctioned fireworks display. The free event begins at 5:00p.m. and the fireworks will occur shortly before 10:00p.m.

The ordinance prohibiting the possession and use of fireworks is in the interest of protection of property and personal safety. “If a person or persons are found in violation of this ordinance, they may be issued a citation,” added Ausenbaugh, a certified peace officer in the State of Texas as well as the Town’s fully-qualified Fire Marshal. “They will then be required to appear in Municipal Court, and if found guilty, could face fines of up to $2,000 for each offense.”

As every year, the members of the Prosper Fire Department wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, and refraining from fireworks will help ensure that, he added.
Contact the Fire Department at 972-346-9469 or visit to view the fireworks ordinance.

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