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New rule limits time bulk trash can be placed curbside

New rule limits time bulk trash can be placed curbside

A new amendment to the rules governing the responsibilities of homeowners shortens the amount of time that bulk trash, intended for monthly pickup, can left out on the curb.

Bulk trash pickup occurs on Mondays for different sections of Town, and up to now, there were no restrictions on when the trash could be placed on the curb for pickup. The change, as of Jan. 17, restricts that timeframe to 48 hours.

Prosper’s 2015 International Property Maintenance Code #18-01 incorporating Amendment 308.4 Residential Bulk Trash states: “Every occupant of a residential structure shall place bulk waste, including but not limited to vegetation, tree limbs, appliances, furniture or any household goods intended for disposal no earlier than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date for bulk pick-up.”

To comply with this amendment, homeowners with bulk trash may not place their trash on the curb earlier than 8 a.m. on the Saturday before the Monday pickup.

Until further notice, residents who live between FM 1385 and Teel Parkway receive bulk trash pickup service on the first Monday of the month. Residents between Teel Parkway and Preston Road are serviced on the second Monday of the month. On the third Monday of the month, residents living between Preston Road to Coit Road receive service. And, residents who live between Coit Road and Custer Road have pickup service on the fourth Monday of the month.

As always, scheduling a pick-up with Waste Connections requires a call to 469-452-8000 or an email to by 4 p.m. on the Friday before the scheduled pickup, unless changed by the waste contractor. This ensures the residence is placed on the pickup schedule. Simply putting out bulk trash without contacting Waste Connections will not guarantee it is collected.

The amendment is designed to avoid having bulk trash out for more than two days to improve appearances, decrease foul odors, prevent fly-away trash, and limit the spread of diseases by vermin, pests and insects.

If you have questions regarding this or any other Code Compliance issue, contact Trish Eller, Code Compliance Officer at or by calling (972) 569-1079.

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