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Katie and Austin

Katie and Austin

10.24This brother and sister are incredibly kind to each other, they finish each other’s sentences, help the other think of the words they are searching for, and they both attend Rucker Elementary School.

How old are you, what grade are you in, and what is your favorite color?

Katie: I’m 6 and in 1st grade. My favorite color is blue.

Austin: I’m 8, in 3rd grade, and I like purple.

What is your favorite part of school?

Katie: I like the drawing part of writing. I like to draw and color and Illustrating. It’s part of art.

Austin: My favorite subject is math because for some reason I just have a love for math.

Does math come easy to you Austin?
Yeah, you could say it comes easier to me than some.

What do you think you’ll be when you grow up?

Katie: a vet

Austin: I don’t really know, but probably a teacher.

What did you do fun this summer?

Katie: I think the funnest thing every year is going to the river.

Austin: Yeah that’s fun because we go to the same place and it’s River Bend. So normally what we used to do is get a cabin and a camp site, but now they just do RVs at that place, so now we just do a cabin, but it’s still fun to stay there and float the river.

Katie: We go in the river in tubes and we connect one parent to each of us and our parents steer us. One time when we were floating it started raining really hard when we were almost finished but it was pouring and we were just hanging on to trees.

Austin: Then finally our mom just goes “no, I’m done, we have to go, let’s go.” So we floated out into the rain and got out of the river. And then we just went back to our campsite.

Were you scared?

Katie: A little

Austin: No, it was an experience!

Austin: On our way to the river we stay at our cousin’s house.

Katie: They have a giant yard and a tree house and cool swing that you can stand on.

You’re missing a tooth Katie – what’s that about?

Katie: Well I was supposed to be resting, since I couldn’t get comfortable, I found something to do. And since that tooth was wiggly, I just pulled it out.

Austin: She just wiggled it out.

Katie: I went downstairs and

Austin: She told me first.

Do you play any sports?

Austin: Soccer and Basketball

Katie: Soccer. And this one time I had to have a half practice

Austin: Yes, because I had a game when she was at practice and then she got to my game at half time

Katie: and our grandma and grandpa were there too.

Austin: I’ve played soccer more than half my life.

Who is the funniest person you know?

Katie: Dad

Austin: probably our father. Or our cousin Andy.

Katie: Yes, Andy!

Prosper Community Library Director Leslie Scott has a unique opportunity for candid discussions with youngsters of all ages. She is sharing her experiences through PROSPER Magazine.




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