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Ladies in Leadership…Rising Strong: Power of Positive Thinking

Ladies in Leadership…Rising Strong: Power of Positive Thinking

The Prosper Ladies in Leadership is a division of the Prosper Chamber of Commerce. They held their monthly meeting at Texas Health Prosper this morning. Their mission is to motivate, inspire, and empower fellow ladies in leadership. They strive to provide an environment advocating growth, development, strength, and confidence. The group meets each month for networking and educational tools that help empower women.

Today’s topic was Rising Strong: Power of Positive Thinking. The meeting was sponsored by Rita Henley from Premier Jewelry. Opening the meeting was Amanda Thrash, Texas Health Prosper and Co-Founder of Ladies in Leadership, followed by Cassie Ram, Longo Toyota of Prosper and Co-Founder of Ladies in Leadership. The spotlight speaker was Jessica Rattan, Director of Marketing & Sales for The Body Shop. Iris Mendley, Texas Amps & Axes and Vice Chair for the Prosper Chamber, was the closing speaker. Each read their personal mission statement for the upcoming year and how it is influencing their personal and business decisions for a successful and happy lifestyle.

Jessica Rattan discussed an interesting concept brought upon by the book “The Carpenter”. She discussed how people need to avoid listening to themselves and need to begin talking to themselves instead. When you listen, negativity seems to be a common trend. However, when you speak to yourself, there is a sense of empowerment which can alter and define your entire day. She also discussed different ways that she invites positivity into her life as well as how doing for others feeds her soul and happiness.

During the group discussion, the ladies in the audience were invited to join in on the discussion and began a round robin about ways to positively influence those around you as well as yourself. The event was a success as it helped generate a positive and healthy mentality to the group. Next month, the topic will be about how you can empower, inspire, educate and support others! If you’d like to participate in this group, please contact the Prosper Chamber of Commerce for full details!

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