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Prosper Historical Society: Preserving the past while looking to the future

Prosper Historical Society: Preserving the past while looking to the future

The Town of Prosper is in a time of great growth and developments, but do you also know its history? Do you know our Town’s origins, the development, the importance of the railroad and cotton gin, and how changes in the economy molded our Town? There’s a group of wonderful individuals that work hard to ensure the past is preserved and continues on in Prosper, and those people are members of the Prosper Historical Society.

Jack Dixon, current PHS President says, “My mission for the Prosper Historical Society is to continue and enhance the preservation of the history of the Town of Prosper. We will be having more public events to let more of our residents see and hear what has made Prosper the town that it is today. The building of the Historical Society’s Veteran Memorial at Frontier Park is our number one priority. This memorial will honor all the Prosper men and women who have served in the military to keep the freedoms we have today.”

Prosper Historical Society has many avenues to learn about Prosper’s fascinating history. A valuable and comprehensive history is covered in the two volume book set “Prosper, Texas: Its History and Families” written by the late Bill Hays. A visit to the Historical Museum in the PISD Board Room will captivate and educate all ages of inquiring minds. The society’s monthly meetings are an informative and important way to be involved. Historical members themselves are each a wealth of information as well.

Last December saw a new activity and fundraiser for Prosper Historical Society in its annual Christmas Ornament sales. Donna Elliot, past president and current member of the annual Christmas Ornament Committee, says, “I love that we have begun to put our Town into a Christmas ornament. Some of the history is still standing but there are buildings that will always be engrained in the ones of us that got to experience seeing these wonderful historical spots in Prosper. Let’s remember the history of Prosper every year at Christmas with a special ornament and a reconnection to the history of our Town.”

2016 ornaments are still available for $18 each at Independent Bank, Lynn Gross, CPA, and through Prosper Historical Society members Donna Elliott and Joann Slaven. 2016 and 2017 ornaments will also be sold at the Prosper Christmas Festival at the Historical Society’s booth, along with other PHS goods. Plans are underway for the 2017 ornament, which will showcase the original Prosper High School used from 1923 – 1963.

Although several members of Prosper Historical Society have long family ties and history here in Prosper, you don’t need to be from Prosper or the surrounding area to be involved. Molly Jones, PHS member, says, “We moved here 5 ½ years ago and love Prosper for the qualities we have seen in abundance that make our town one of a kind. I appreciate the mission and achievements of the Prosper Historical Society. Preserving the artifacts, photographs, and stories of founders, veterans, business owners, students, and farmers in Prosper’s past shapes us as a community and reminds us to make a positive and lasting impact here too.”

Want to join this wonderful group of caring people? All community members, regardless of age, are welcome to attend a meeting. Annual membership is as little as $10 for an individual, family membership is $25, and a business may join for $50. The PHS Facebook is also an avenue to become familiar with the group. Consider joining this fantastic group of people that are working hard to keep history alive in Prosper for the good of current and future residents. PHS President Jack Dixon invites all to join, “The Historical Society meets every second Tuesday of the month and I would like to encourage all the residents to join our meetings and participate with keeping the history of Prosper.”







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