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Meet Your Prosper Town Council Candidates!!

Meet Your Prosper Town Council Candidates!!

Mike Korbuly

Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 1

I am Mike Korbuly and have proven my leadership and continued commitment to help create a quality of life that mixes good homes with good businesses. I am endorsed by the Collin County Association of Realtors with support, encouragement, and endorsements from numerous local business owners, Town leadership, and many pillars within the community.

Our most pressing issue is keeping 380 on 380. I have and will continue to publicly support the “RED” residents of Prosper in this fight. I will continue to uphold my oath to our residents regarding public safety. Public safety and town services must continue to be evaluated, planned for, and funded.  Approving a $12.5 million police headquarters building and increasing our ISO rating to Class 1 is something I am very proud of. I have listened to our chiefs to ensure they have the buildings, equipment, training and personnel they need to keep our community safe and protected. I will continue to make sure each new development does not stress our public services but enhance them.

I will continue to uphold our vision and ordinances but have also shown a willingness to listen to our residence concerns and take the proper action and steps needed. I am prepared and ready to call audibles if something is needed or does not fit today as proven with the repair of the Windsong Ranch Roads failure and my support of the redesign of Coit Road. Too this, I want to ensure we have certain roads on the west side of Prosper completed prior to the congestion we face today. We must Plan ahead and include the planning of the ISD in our vision. I want to continue to take definite steps to both preserve the feel of our downtown and revitalize it with the right kinds of incentives and infrastructure. Our vision must not just include today’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) but one that will give future councils a roadmap to what we have started.

I have proven to actively work with our award-winning finance staff to keep our credit rating high by monitoring our expenses carefully, while at the same time, ensuring services are properly funded. I have continued to keep property taxes constant since my first election in 2012. While our tax rate remains at 52 ½ cents, this does not mean we have not all felt a tax increase due to the increase in property values. I have committed, and will continue to push for, adjustments in our Homestead exemption rate to try and relieve this continued increase in property value.

My family, much like many others, moved here to enjoy a high quality of life, and the Town has a definite role in ensuring that the quality remains high for all residents. I aided in securing a new solid waste contractor, Community Waste Disposal (CWD) now providing five-day-a-week service, curbside bulk pickup, a monthly bulk drop-off point, spring clean-up event, and brush/clippings in paper sacks weekly pickup. I continue to work with and serve our youth sports leagues PASO board member. Parks and Recreation, Code Compliance, Planning, Development Services and all the appropriate department heads to push for a quality of life that continues to improve with each new development. I am Mike Korbuly and seek your vote and continued prayers for reelection to Town Council Place 1.

Mike Korbuly, Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 1

Marcus Ray

Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 1

In 2004, my wife and I moved to Prosper with our five young children. Our draw to Prosper was probably similar to yours. Gwen and I wanted to live in a family-centered community with amazing schools, close to the DFW metroplex for work purposes, but not too far from our families who lived in neighboring cities.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been privileged to work alongside Prosper’s council members who graciously volunteer their time and talents for our town. In 2006, I was appointed to the original Town Charter Committee that established the framework for Prosper. I have volunteered or served in many of the local organizations in and around Prosper some of which are coaching with PYSA, inaugural Prosper CERT, various church and school events and Board Member for our community HOA. Most recently, I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Committee that concluded in September of last year. Sitting on these committees in an official capacity and speaking to my neighbors and other Prosper residents, I see the need for a fresh, prepared and inclusive perspective on the Town Council.

I would be honored to bring my 25-plus-years of executive leadership, business optimization and lean operational improvement experiences to our town. Having specialized in corporate integration and transformation, I will add significant value to Prosper. We live in the ‘Fastest Growing Community in North Texas’ and are known as a ‘Destination District’ for our award-winning school system. Our population has more than quadrupled since 2004. The comprehensive plan from 2012 shows the complete population density build out for Prosper to be approximately 69,000 people. With an estimated population of 26,000 in 2019, we must aggressively pursue our infrastructure build out, work to reduce the homeowner tax burden, and fight to keep 380 on 380. 

Whether you are a legacy Prosper resident whose family roots run deep, moved here for the reasons my family did, arrived through a company relocation or have friends and family already in Prosper, YOU are what makes Prosper great and I want to represent you. Vote to elect Marcus Ray for Town Council, Place 1.

Marcus Ray, Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 1

Steve Thomas

Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 4

My wife and I chose to raise our children in Prosper during their formative years and the town is our home. We enjoy the sense of community and appreciate the athletic, academic and other opportunities it affords our youngest residents. We are committed to public service and I look forward to the opportunity to further serve the community through Town Council.

I am a corporate audit executive for a Fortune 50 company and have two decades of experience in business and technology. I have worked with startups, non-profits, government and corporations. I have served on state-level and town boards, most recently the Prosper Parks and Recreation board. I live in Gentle Creek with Rhonda and our three children. Rhonda is a former teacher and remains active in the Prosper ISD. She serves on the Prosper Library Board and volunteers with Cornerstone.

I am committed to promoting transparency and accountability. I will represent your interests in public council and in executive session. I will be accountable for oversight and governance of our town during its next phase of growth and development.

I favor building strong relationships between our Town with neighboring municipalities and the Texas Department of Transportation to assure that the quality of life and transportation concerns of our residents are addressed in a fair and equitable manner. Keeping 380 on 380 will go far to support this initiative.

I am aligned with Governor Abbot’s proposal to slow Texas property tax growth. This approach would prevent counties and school districts from collecting more than a 2.5 percent increase in property tax revenue than they did in the previous year without voter approval. This approval requirement would enable residents to determine if current taxation is commensurate with the desired level of town services.

Continued population increase will require more careful consideration of issues related to planning and zoning, and general land use. Town Council must be accountable for overseeing an environment that embraces smart growth and encourages development of amenities that residents want. My vision, one I share with a majority of the community, is for Prosper to remain differentiated from many of the region’s suburbs. Necessary steps require council men and women who are accessible to their neighbors, transparent in their intentions, and accountable for their actions.

As our town enters its next phase of anticipated growth, common objectives between Town Council and the ISD are vital. Although each entity has a different charter and area of governance, we should align on growth initiatives and assure our actions are complimentary to meet immediate and long-term goals.

Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 4

Meigs Miller

Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 4

Since 2004, my wife, Tori and I have called Prosper home. This is where we have raised our 2 daughters, Kyndall (22) and Sterling (20) from kindergarten thru twelfth grade in the Prosper School District. I have been blessed to serve our community as a Prosper Town Councilman since 2008, serving as past Mayor Pro-Tem, Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem, and serving on several committees and boards. I also volunteer my time serving on the Ute Trail board for Sky Ranch Christian camps since 2010 as well as help at local area charities. I currently serve as a deacon at Prestonwood Baptist Church where my family and I have been members since the early 1980’s. I am currently the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for a national logistics company headquartered in Frisco, TX, where my skill set and experience in leading and achieving large multi-million dollar opportunities in a fast growing environment help support the needs of a Town experiencing the same.

While on Town Council I have championed, along with other leaders, to maintain the quality and excellence in our community I believe our residents have come to expect. I’ve encouraged our investments in valuable commercial developments at key corridor locations as well as in our downtown area. I’ve supported superior residential developments protecting the value our residents expect from a growing community. I held a seat on the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Committee where we reviewed and updated our vision for the Town always looking to raise the bar with respect to standards and value.  I’ve held a position on the Town’s Executive Development Team since its formation in 2012, working with developers and staff to ensure an effective and efficient process to ensure responsible development in our community. I have voted on a fiscally responsible town budget maintaining a high caliber and standard of services the town expects, providing the best Fire and Safety departments, Town Staff, Parks, Planning and Infrastructure, all without raising the tax rate and improving our Bond Rating.  Lastly, I have been a strong supporter of our ISD serving on the ISD Bond committee in 2007 and remain supportive of the upcoming ISD bond election in 2019. 

My vision for Prosper remains the same as it did in 2008, maintaining a small town feel and preserving our history while embracing the inevitable growth that will come to our community. Supporting quality developments and expecting excellence in our Town staff and services. I remain true to my convictions that the Town Council has three main priorities, responsibility over the Town Manager, approve the Town budget, and consent to policy. It is at that level the Town Council should remain focused and not based on personal agendas or social media viewpoints. 

I believe I have the experience required to passionately serve the Town of Prosper for another term.  I’ve learned a lot serving on the Council, experiencing the pre-growth wave and slowdown of 2008 to now our tremendous season of growth we are experiencing today. I believe that experience is vital as we plan and prepare for what future councils can expect and hopefully help to pave the roads for them.  I have demonstrated consistent discernment in my decision-making process and have been a reliable voice of the people of Prosper. Therefore, I’m asking for your vote again on May the 4th so that I may serve you for another term.

Meigs Miller, Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 4

Richard “Rick” McGrath

Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 4

As a father of four and a Prosper resident, I believe that no moment is more important in the history of Prosper than now. I am committed to serve Prosper as we grow into a suburban community. We have one chance to pour the foundation of our community, my focus is getting it right the 1st time.

The most pressing issues for Prosper will be: building our infrastructure, managing commercial development, and safeguarding high-quality residential development. In all three of these situations, I believe that we need to focus on the future and build enduring value into every aspect of our community.

We are coming to a crossroads in our history in Prosper. Our small town is being overtaken by rapid suburbanization and our town leaders need to adjust to this dynamic. We must effectively scale our city services and amenities to meet these growing demands, while keeping our town motto “A Place Where Everyone Matters”. Prosper has always been committed to small town values and focused on families and building a quality living experience for all residents.

I have built a solid track record of community service and leadership. Serving on the Town’s Parks & Rec Board, leading & serving local charities, and supporting various community functions, I want to continue my service to Prosper residents with my “Community First” approach on Town Council! Together we’ll build a town to enjoy today and be proud of in the future!

Richard “Rick” McGrath, Prosper Town Council Candidate, Place 4
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