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Town of Prosper Adds 163 Acres to its Parks and Trail System

Town of Prosper Adds 163 Acres to its Parks and Trail System

The Town of Prosper has acquired 163 acres of land from the developer of Windsong Ranch to add to the Town’s parks and trail system. The purchase of this land will significantly increase and preserve the green space for the community to enjoy as the Town continues to grow. This land acquisition is located south of Fishtrap Road between the Glenbrooke and Windsong Ranch subdivisions. The 163-acre property will serve as a significant addition that will allow for more parks and trails as well as trail connectivity and amenities that currently exist on the property which include a mountain bike trail.

“The Prosper Parks and Recreation Department is excited to add this land to the Town of Prosper’s park system. This addition will allow us to expand our current recreational offerings, add some passive recreational space, create future trail connections and allow for the future addition of park amenities,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dan Baker.

Prosper’s unique and impressive array of parks currently encompasses nearly 469 acres of open spaces, recreational venues and facilities for sports and fitness. The Town’s natural beauty is enhanced by areas and trails that provide serene settings for recreation and relaxation for all ages. Check out over 43 miles of hike and bike trails that have developed throughout Prosper!

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