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Prosper ISD News: Going Above and Beyond to Make the Impossible, Possible

Prosper ISD News: Going Above and Beyond to Make the Impossible, Possible

The summer is one of the busiest times of the year in Prosper ISD because we are preparing and planning for the upcoming school year.  We ended this past school year with 22,652 students enrolled in the Prosper ISD. Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, we added 2,949 students which is an all-time high. Our projected enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is 24,220 and within five years we are projected to have 33,458 students.

Prosper ISD is a destination district and one that is a highlight across Texas. One of the main reasons that our district is so highly sought after is because of our incredible staff and teachers who go above and beyond each day to make the impossible, possible. This year we will add over 450 employees to the district to support our students and parents. Within any organization, it is crucial that new employees understand the standards and expectations. I meet with each and every professional new hire beginning in May to August. It is important to the PISD Board of Trustees and to me that each person that will be joining us understands that they are valued and appreciated from the moment they are hired. During my time with the new hires, I let them know how important their story of impact will be in Prosper ISD. I also thank them for choosing to make a difference in Prosper ISD. Our teachers and staff are truly the heartbeat of Prosper ISD. Below are the important reminders that I share with them:

  • Students come first!
  • Don’t prop doors – safety matters most.
  • Our students deserve our absolute best, each and every day. They are depending on you, and I am too.
  • Excellence is our standard every day in every way.
  • Be kind because kindness matters.
  • Magic happens when you don’t give up.
  • Communication is key and will almost always save the day.
  • The small details matter, look for them and then make a difference to make things better.
  • And last but not least LOVE WHAT YOU DO and the rest will fall into place.

I want to end with thanking each person in the Prosper ISD community that loves, adores, and respects our staff and teachers. It is not lost on me that without a highly supportive community that truly believes in educators, that we would not be where we are today in this great district. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and valuing the high-quality public education that our students receive in Prosper ISD.

We are Prosper, We are One!

Dr. Holly Ferguson

Superintendent of Prosper ISD Schools

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