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Prosper ISD News: Welcome Back!

Prosper ISD News: Welcome Back!

Prosper ISD,

I am excited to welcome everyone back for the start of the 2021-2022 school year—a special welcome to the families who are new to Prosper Independent School District. We have streamlined all back to school information so you all can easily find important information for the start of school in one place at We are happy to serve you and your child beginning the first day of school, Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

Prosper ISD remains the fastest-growing school district in Texas. We have a little over 20,500 students enrolled in Prosper ISD, and we are ready to serve our students. This year we will be opening the doors to two brand new elementary schools, Mrs. Jerry Bryant, located on the west side of our district, and Mike and Janie Reeves Elementary, located on the east side of our district. We are also excited to house our Prosper ISD Family Resource Center at the newly renovated Mahard Facility located on First Street in downtown Prosper. In addition, this facility will house many of our staff members who work at our central administration building. Finally, I want to take a moment to thank the Prosper ISD Board of Trustees for their high level of commitment to excellence. Prosper ISD facilities in Prosper ISD truly set the standard for high expectations both inside and outside of the classroom, and our students and staff continue to exceed our expectations.

As always, we look forward to continuing our robust extra-curricular activities for 2021-2022. Please feel free to join us for events throughout the year. Each week you will receive the PISD Express, which will contain information about the different events and upcoming events that we would love to have you attend and celebrate the moments that matter most to our students. In addition, I will share highlights of the week through a quick video entitled A Few Minutes with Dr. Ferguson.

As we embark on a new school year, we have a chance to do a 180-degree turn to provide those we serve with a calming presence that education has always brought to our world. We have a window of opportunity for rebirth and refocus of what we are here for and why we exist, our Just Cause…our students. That opportunity resides in reconnecting and relationships. It is incumbent on me as superintendent of Prosper ISD for us to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Prosper ISD School Board and our leadership team have a high level of commitment to community engagement. In most school districts, school boards serve in traditional roles. First, they hire and evaluate the superintendent, approve the budget, and set the vision and direction for the school district. Then they pass the baton to the superintendent, who implements board policies and drives the vision and direction throughout the organization.

Indeed, our board fulfills those responsibilities, yet they take a slightly different slant we like to call the Prosper Promise. The Prosper Promise will provide our community with the ability to fully engage with our school district through advisory and informational opportunities. Some of the opportunities we have are the Superintendent Parent Advisory Council, Prosper Parent Ambassadors, Prosper Legislative Advocacy Committee, informative sessions at the Prosper ISD Family Resource Center, and much more. We encourage each of you to visit our Prosper Promise web page to gain more information about each advisory and informational opportunity. This is precisely how we will continue the unbelievable culture we have all come to know and love, centered around Prosper’s heart. I am so glad you all are on this journey with us.

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and to engage with your campus websites and principal news to stay up to date and in the know. In closing, thank you for your tremendous support of our schools! WE ARE PROSPER! WE ARE ONE!


Dr. Holly Ferguson

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