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Happy New Year Prosper ISD!

Happy New Year Prosper ISD!

Welcome to 2021 and the turning of the page to a whole new chapter of life.  As a new year begins, I am reminded every year, so begins new hope, faith, and belief in the future. This renewed belief allows us to set new goals and start a new outlook on what can be without focusing on the past that we cannot change.  Sadly, many of us lose this focus in a short amount of time as the days march forward during the cold winter.  Fatigue, stress, and the impact on daily life set in, and we find ourselves adrift. 

The one thing that can always bring me back to focus is when I think of our students.  They are our future, and each time I visit with them, I am reminded that our students thrive on structure, routine, and consistency even though our older students would say the opposite.  Our children look at us from a young age as if we are superheroes.  The reality is that they are the ones saving us daily.  Knowing this should lead us to embrace each day with the same spirit we do when a new year begins.  We become more engaged and more impactful when we realize how many people are depending on us.  It holds us accountable and makes us strive to be more, do more, and give more.

My challenge to each of you this year is to remember that others depend on you when you may not even realize it at all.  In a world where you can do anything and be anything you choose to be, be the type of person that others can depend on for strength, kindness, and hope.  A good reminder is that showing kindness to another person is giving them your strength.  Your strength could be a critical factor in changing someone’s life and setting it in the right direction.  

Each of us was given a gift that must be utilized daily to see our gift’s real impact.  I have a picture hanging in my home by Pablo Picasso.  This picture hangs near my front door, so each time I enter or exit my house, I am reminded of the gifts I have been given.  The picture says, “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”  No matter your age, capabilities, or challenges, I challenge each of you in this new year to find three people that you can give your gift and make a change for the better.  These small acts will make our world a better place and set a strong example for those around you.  You never know the impact you can have and the lives you can change until you are willing to pour into those around you. 

Dr. Holly Ferguson

Prosper ISD Superintendent

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