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Prosper ISD News: Courageous Leaders

Prosper ISD News: Courageous Leaders

Prosper ISD is in full swing and I am so proud of our students, staff, and parents. The ability for us all to join forces and come together for the betterment of our school community is inspiring. As we settle into the new school year there will be many twists and turns as we continue to navigate the impact of COVID-19. The one thing I have faith in is our students and staff. They continue to step up to the challenge and embrace obstacles as opportunities. They can see the future ahead and I encourage each of you to go boldly into the future to model resiliency, problem-solving, and determination. 

Next year we will open our 13th elementary school located in The Summit subdivision on the west side of our district. The process that our construction team, architects, and leaders go through during the build of a school is a process that should be emulated in life. It is inevitable that challenges will come throughout the process, but I see a team that takes each step and they continue to pivot, take a new direction, and persevere throughout the entire process until a near-perfect facility is ready to educate the future of our community. 

No matter what your role is in our community, you are a leader. Leaders must have the courage and be strong even when strength seems to be impossible. The courageous leader does not always have all of the answers but the one thing that courageous leaders have in common is the ability to connect and work together as a team. One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is the following, “Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid. Having courage and showing courage means we face our fears.  We are able to say, “I have fallen, but I will get up.” What a beautiful and meaningful way to capture the spirit of the current moment in Prosper ISD. My challenge to each of you is to find a way to lead and embrace courage for our students, staff, and community. 

We become stronger together because… We are Prosper! We are one!

Dr. Holly Ferguson,

Superintendent of Prosper ISD Schools

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