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Town of Prosper Launches Campaign to Fight Spreading of Virus

Town of Prosper Launches Campaign to Fight Spreading of Virus

In an effort to encourage residents and visitors to practice the actions and habits that experts agree can have an impact on slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Town of Prosper’s communication and marketing specialists have developed a series of social media posts with specific related messages.

“The graphic posts are reminders of what we should be doing to stay healthy,” says Executive Director of Community Services Robyn Battle. “If these reminders help people think of wearing their mask, washing their hands, and remaining safely apart from each other, then we’ve met our objective.”

In her position, Battle serves as the Town’s Public Information Officer as well as supervisor of several large departments. She was the Town’s first PIO, a post she held while also serving as Town Secretary. She serves as the chair for the Town’s Communications Team, made up of employees from various departments who meet regularly to shape and execute communication campaigns.

Recently, Battle asked the team to develop a campaign in support of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus disease. The team collectively settled on a series of three social media posts which will be rotated periodically on the Town’s social media sites.

The three posts include one on wearing masks, one on hand-washing, and one on social distancing. All three are tied together by the overarching primary tagline of “Protect Prosper.” The individual posts each carry a secondary tagline relating to one of the three recommendations.

The Town’s logo adds an official flavor to the campaign. Sharing and forwarding of the posts is encouraged, but because the Town’s logo appears on the posts, any use outside of normal channels and purposes requires the specific approval of the Town’s Communications Department.

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