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“Tremendous Optimism” – From Mayor Ray Smith

“Tremendous Optimism” – From Mayor Ray Smith

Happy New Year! Lena and I wish everyone a safe and happy 2019 and beyond. We feel extremely blessed to be part of this community, raising our boys, and enjoying the warmth of so many friends.

Prosper had a momentous 2018 with so many grand openings, groundbreakings, ribbon-cuttings, and project completions that some people might think the year will be hard to top. Frankly, I know it will be. Our future is so full of promise, that I know we will see more years just like 2018 in terms of growth and development. In fact, the Town Council meets this month in an all-day work session to amend current and long-term plans to guide both Council and staff.

Nevertheless, the pace of development within Prosper is actually making it difficult to find the right word to precisely describe what our future holds. The word “growth” comes to mind, and there is certainly a good amount of growth to point to, but the word is not quite right since some of our neighborhoods and subdivisions are reaching a certain level of maturity.

“Progress” is another word that is often used to describe our path. Even that word falls a little flat since the word implies that we are making progress toward a finite goal. In reality, while we certainly monitor our forward movement meticulously, there is no way for us to know exactly what our end state will look like, what new businesses will come to town and what other amenities are in store.

I like to use the word “optimism” to define our future. And, of course, I will always add my trademark word “tremendous” to add emphasis. So, in my mind, Prosper is enjoying a sustained state of “tremendous optimism” in its growth and development.

That feeling of tremendous optimism is evident in every corner of Town, from the new businesses opening their doors to the hundreds of families that are putting down roots and making Prosper their new home. Tremendous optimism permeates every decision at the Town Council level, and that optimism flows outwardly to staff, partners, developers, entrepreneurs, homeowners, teachers, and in fact anyone and everyone who has some stake in Prosper.

While 2018 will be hard to beat in terms of significance to Prosper, the New Year holds tremendous optimism for all of us.

Incidentally, the new year will also mean a significant change in our solid waste collection, after the Council signed a new multi-year contract with CWD. Starting on January 21st, residents will begin receiving new poly carts from CWD, the first sign that things are changing.

The most noteworthy change will be that we will move from two-days-a-week service to five-days-a-week service. Most of the Town’s households will be assigned a new pickup day. The Town will be split into five sectors, each one receiving trash and recycling collection service on a separate day.

The staff is working on ways to communicate the change in pickup days, along with the other enhancements of the new service, so be on the lookout for information as we make the change. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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