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Brotherly Love in Honor of Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month

Brotherly Love in Honor of Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month and there’s a pretty special guy in our community that not only has a gift of love for his sister Allie, he’s also using his gift of writing in a way that’s helping others understand her and the positive impact Down’s Syndrome has had on his family. What was originally the fear of the unknown for Rogers Middle School student Russell Garcia, has turned into the catalyst that has made this proud and protective brother a better person, while teaching others to be better too.

Recently, when Russell had the opportunity to express himself he wrote the following narrative. We think it’s amazing. We believe that you will too.

I still remember the day my mom came out of that room bawling. Confused, I asked what occurred in the room. The way she looked ar me made me want to bawl with her without even knowing what happened. I could tell she was trying to spill it out but it came out in stutters. “Y-your s-s-sister w-w-will be b-b-born with a hole in her
h-h-heart and s-s-she will have special needs called Down’s syndrome,” he finally cried out. She cried like it was a horrible thing but little did we know it would change our lives for the better.

A few months later …

I woke up drowsy and tired noticing my aunt sitting on the edge of my tiny bed. “Why are you here?” I questioned. She told me that my mom felt a kick in her stomach and she had a surprise for me after school. I felt ecstatic. School, boring and never ending, felt like an eternity. When it finally finished, I saw my dad ready to pick me up, waving. We drove really far until we reached the hospital. I had no idea what we were doing here. We turned some corner then up on an elevator to get to room 618. I walked in and was shocked to see my own mother laying on a bed, and then I realized she was holding something, my sister.

I rushed over to see her and she was so small. I felt so bad that someone so tiny would have to go through all of this. The nurse handed me the baby and it was like holding a feather. At that moment I didn’t know she would be the reason I would be more kind, more forgiving and more grateful. I didn’t know she would be the reason I didn’t feel lonely at home. But I did know one thing, I knew that it would be my duty to take care of her here, there, now and forever. -Russell, 12years old

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