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It’s Almost Graduation Time

It’s Almost Graduation Time

May 2018…it’s almost graduation time but it seems like just yesterday that we were welcoming everyone back to school. It hardly seems possible that these “kids” – the ones we’ve grown to adore as we’ve watched them over the last several years – are so close to taking the next step towards their future. We are so proud of the young women and men that they have become, and we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know them and really showcase all of the wonderful things they’ve accomplished during their school years. Prosper ISD has been so fortunate to have had them…and Prosper High School will certainly miss them. They’ve left their mark on this town and on their school. And now it’s time for them to fly!

Graduation is a time of celebration, a rite of passage. It’s an accomplishment just as much for the student as it is for us as parents. We obviously celebrate our child’s success, but let’s be honest…this is a huge milestone for US. We’ve been there from the beginning, watching them achieve success after success…and we’ve been there to pick them up after the setbacks. We’ve seen their first smile, first steps, first day of kindergarten, first game, first prom, first college visit. And although we knew this day would come, nothing could have prepared us for the emotions that Senior year brought. As their “firsts” turned into “lasts”, our hearts broke a little and soared at the same time. Each day brought us closer to the reality that this is REALLY happening. Our babies are growing up. The last 18 years has been full of hard work – parenting is tough. But the result can now be seen in the beautiful, competent adult that is about to walk across the stage as they say goodbye to Prosper High School and hello to the next chapter in their lives.

We want to wish all of our kids in the Class of 2018 a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation. You’ve worked hard, played hard and have made us so proud of you. We will miss seeing you in action on the field, the court and on stage. But we know that you will go on to do even bigger things – and we want to hear about them! Make sure you call home OFTEN, your parents will appreciate it. When you’re in town, stop by and see us. And never forget that WE ARE PROSPER!


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