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Town Council Candidates Prove their dedication at Meet the Candidates 2018

Town Council Candidates Prove their dedication at Meet the Candidates 2018

There is no argument, that the Town of Prosper is a town of many leaders. It is the dynamic citizens here that set Prosper apart and contribute to the growth and success of our town. Last night, at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, there was a special opportunity for each of us as citizens to meet a handful of these impressive leaders.

The Town of Prosper is a home rule town with a mayor and six council members who are elected at large for three-year terms. The candidates running for this high office, shared their visions for our town and got to share why they feel they will be a good fit for the Town of Prosper. It was a rare opportunity to meet each candidate personally and speak with them one on one about their background, what makes them proud to be from Prosper and what questions need to be asked and concerns addressed for the goal of making the important decisions they’ll be a part of making should they win a seat on our council.

It was evident by the diverse representation of candidates, both personally and professionally, that Prosper is succeeding because the people ready to represent us are highly successful. This is a revelation you couldn’t have missed when hearing them speak of their backgrounds. With candidates having extensive experience in law, education, business leadership, community outreach and non-profit organizations, it’s no wonder the panel was such a strong force that left you feeling proud to know them and excited and confident about the decisions they would make on our town’s behalf.

Aside from the diversity and huge success of the individuals in the group, it was refreshing too, to hear that they all had things in common. All had a vision to add to the already great aspects of our town and weren’t afraid to address key issues like budget, growth and what that growth means in terms of supporting organizations already in place, like the Police and Fire Departments. They all spoke of the importance of citizens having a voice that is heard and considered.

Finally, although some candidates believe that some issues are more pertinent and/or crucial than others, it was clear that each candidate has a love story with the town of Prosper. Whether you’re raising children here due to a dynamic school district, planting roots or starting a new business venture, you can feel safe knowing that based on the quality of people running for Council, we’re in good hands no matter who wins. They are all here for the same reasons we all are, they are our leaders, our neighbors and most importantly, our friends.

Don’t forget to use your voice, by voting. Early voting starts Monday, April 23 and Election Day is May 5th.

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