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Prosper’s Water Supplier Conducts Annual System Maintenance

Prosper’s Water Supplier Conducts Annual System Maintenance

Taste and odor of water may change, but quality remains high

For a thirty-day period, the water delivered to Prosper homes and businesses will first arrive at the Town’s distribution system after undergoing the annual winter chlorine maintenance. “The Town purchases water from the North Texas Municipal Water District and runs that water through our distribution system, in the same condition it arrives to us, to homes and businesses throughout the Town,” says Tristan Cisco, Water Education Coordinator. “Because the District is conducting its annual maintenance of the water system, the taste and odor of the water may be slightly affected.” While the smell and taste may be perceptible to those individuals who are sensitive to such minor changes, the quality of the water will remain safe for all uses.

The maintenance starts on February 26 and continues until March 26. The water supplier uses chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia to provide the disinfectant residual in the transmission and distribution systems as required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Chloramines provide a longer lasting residual disinfection in water pipelines and storage facilities. However, for the annual winter maintenance cycle, the water treatment process strictly treats with chlorine only, thereby producing the change in smell and taste.

“Annual chlorine maintenance helps reduce the need for the supplier to flush systems in order to maintain chloramine residual during the warm weather periods,” added Cisco. “This winter/summer process conserves water during the time when the water supply is most utilized.” This and similar maintenance protocols have been used for almost a century and remain the safest and most effective way to maintain the water system at its highest level of productivity.

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