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Senior Spotlight – Cassidy McAlpine

Senior Spotlight – Cassidy McAlpine

Sport:  Golf

Parents: Keith and Renee McAlpine

Nickname: Cass

When did you start playing golf? I began playing golf in the summer of 2016.

Biggest strength and weakness in golf? My driver is my strongest aspect of the game while putting is my weakest.

What do you love about golf?  I love how challenging golf is. Not every round is the same and you have to learn to face adversity.

Sport you always wanted to try? I’ve always wanted to do curling.

Most memorable moment in golf? My most memorable moment was winning my first tournament at Pecan Valley.

Favorite Athlete: My brothers are my favorite atheltes.

Favorite Sports Team:   Montreal Canadiens

Three people you can have dinner with….dead or alive:  My grandpa, Khalid and Post Malone.

Favorite quote:   “Livin’ like Larry” (from SpongeBob)

Favorite subject in school:  I’d have to say anything health related since that is what I wish to pursue.

What’s on your playlist?   I have a little bit of everything, just depends on my mood.

Plans after HS?  I plan to go to college and become a traveling nurse.


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