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As I cover Prosper sports, I am introduced to some sports in which I don’t have much experience. I consider it one of my favorite parts of my job. As an athlete, I love a good competition, and can appreciate a sport no matter the circumstance.
This week, I covered the Prosper Swim and Dive team’s first meet of the season. I was fortunate enough to attend the UIL State Swim Meet last May to watch seven Prosper swimmers compete, but we did not have any divers at that competition. So, this week was really my first venture into the world of competition diving.

I have always loved watching Olympic diving so it was no surprise to me that I was enamored by this portion of competition.
Don’t get me wrong, the swimmers are absolutely amazing and I am in awe of the athleticism of swimmers. I can swim, but it’s not poetic, like a real swimmer. Let’s just say, I won’t drown. That’s about it.

But diving, that’s next level stuff for me. The divers had to dive six times in the meet, performing a different dive each time. I didn’t even realize there were so many different dives that could be done off that short board. But they did one from each category; forward, back, reverse, inward, twist and a divers choice from any of the other categories. I was there to take photos and cover a story, but I found myself wanting to watch, not from behind the lens, but with my eyes. It was incredible.
I watched as each diver from the three schools took to the board. I watched them focus on the water, raise their arms and plant their feet just so, before attempting each dive. It was so rehearsed, so choreographed. It was truly something.

I look forward to following the Prosper Swim and Dive team this season as they go for their eighth district championship. And I hope to follow Prosper swimmers and divers to Austin this year as well!

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