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With the help of the Town of Prosper’s website, we have put together a report to help readers get a heads up on closed streets and others projects under construction. There are construction updates and summaries with links to find more information online at


The Engineering Department publishes weekly updates on all major construction projects. To view Capital Improvement Projects go to the town’s website to

To inquire about a specific project, including projects that are not listed in this report please contact the town by email at or phone at 972-346-3502.


Frontier Park — North Field Improvements: Construct three new all-weather youth baseball-softball fields and two all-weather multi-purpose fields. Also includes the construction of additional parking lots, bridge over pond with trails and park accoutrements. Project anticipated to be complete for Town’s Spring 2018 season.

Status Updates: Field crews continue to work fabric and rock on multipurpose fields. Utility contractor continues to work on finishing drainage improvements and pavilion. Staff coordinating with Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR), Texas Parks and Wildlife, and franchise utilities. The foundation of the concession building has been poured. Will begin to install mow bands around fields 2, 3 and 4. Drainage system for field #5 is underway.


Richland Boulevard and Lovers Lane (Gates of Prosper): Roads to serve the Gates of Prosper development at the northeast corner of US 380 & Preston Road.

Status Updates: Sidewalk construction continues on Richland. Landscaper has finished planter beds and has begun working on irrigation. Planting materials for medians are scheduled to arrive this week. Subgrade crews have pulled off of project. Staff received TxDOT approval for the construction of new traffic signal at Richland and Preston intersection and has submitted 90% plans to TxDOT for review.

West Prosper Road Improvements, Phase I: Construct four-lane (ultimate six-lane) concrete curb & gutter roadway on Gee Road from US 380 to 800 feet north. Construct two-lane (ultimate six- lane) concrete curb & gutter roadways from 800 feet north of US HWY 380 to Fishtrap Road, and Teel Parkway from US 380 to Fishtrap Road. Construct two-lane (ultimate four-lane) concrete roadway of Fishtrap from Gee Road to Teel Parkway.

Status Updates: Utility crews are scheduled to begin repairs of damaged storm sewer on Fishtrap June 5th. The pipe replacement and subsequent paving is anticipated to be complete June 30th. Residents may wish to use Acacia Parkway to Gee Road for signalized access to US 380. Design Engineer has completed revised plans for the drainage structure at Fishtrap and Teel intersection and staff is awaiting proposal from contractor for changes.

West Prosper Road Improvements, Phase 2: Construct two-lane (ultimate six-lane) concrete curb & gutter roadways from intersection of Fishtrap Road and Gee Road to FM 1385. Project also includes the construction of 45’ wide bridge over Doe Branch Creek, and the reconstruction of asphalt connection of FM 1385 to Fishtrap.

Status Updates: Staff has returned comments of 40% plans for road and bridge construction over Doe Branch Creek. Town staff contacted TxDOT again to coordinate approval process for the realignment of FM 1385 at Fishtrap Road and approval of the remaining $1 million of the $4 million in Regional Toll Revenue financing for the WPR projects.

U.S. 380 (Denton County Line – Lovers Lane): TxDOT project. Improve four-lane undivided rural roadway to a six-lane suburban freeway with frontage roads in each direction between the Denton County Line and Lovers Lane. Through traffic on US 380 will bypass the SH 289 and Dallas Parkway intersections when completed.

Status Updates: Drainage crews continue to work on Phase II improvements as contractor continues to remove old pavement for processing. The entire project is expected to take 24-30 months to complete. TxDOT Project Tracker:

Frontier Parkway (DNT — Preston Road): Collin County project. Improve two-lane rural roadway to a four-lane (ultimate six-lane) divided suburban arterial between the Dallas North Tollway and Preston Road, including an overpass over the BNSF Railroad. A two-lane access road will be provided to the north of the overpass to provide access to properties in Celina.

Status Updates: The Town of Prosper and the City of Celina both approved Resolutions supporting the project on January 12, 2016. Collin County will manage the design and construction of the project. A timeline for construction has not yet been determined.

First Street (DNT — Coleman Street): Improve two-lane rural roadway to a four-lane divided suburban arterial between the Dallas North Tollway and Coleman Street. Project includes concrete curb and gutter roadway, underground drainage improvements, twelve-inch water line, and median lighting.

Status Updates: Engineer has delivered revised plans for realigning roadway between BNSF and Coleman Street. Staff has begun right-of-way acquisition. A timeline for construction to be determined once funding for construction is allocated. Staff coordinating with franchise utilities within the area. Options are being considered for the intersection of BNSF and First Street, including a Silent Crossing vs. an overpass over the tracks.

Prosper Trail (Kroger — Coit Road): Improve two-lane rural roadway to a four-lane divided suburban arterial from 1000’ east of Preston Road to Coit Road as well as the Coit and Prosper Trail intersection. Project includes concrete curb and gutter roadway, underground drainage improvements, and median lighting.

Status Updates: Engineer resubmitted revised drainage drawings. Staff is working with utilities regarding relocation. Staff received ROW documents from Engineer at Coit intersection. Property acquisition and utility relocations are anticipated to take 6 months. Meeting CoServ onsite on Wednesday, May 24.

Old Town Streets 2015: Reconstruction of existing two lane asphalt roads to a concrete roadway without curb and gutter (Fifth, McKinley).

Status Updates: Project on hold. Funding potentially redirected to accelerate Frontier Parkway project. Reassessment of Old Town Streets Project, once outcome of Frontier Parkway time line is resolved. 

Decorative Monument Signs: Construct eight decorative stone and steel signs at La Cima and First (3 EA), First and Coit (2 EA), and Coit and Richland (3 EA) intersections.

Status Updates: Staff awaiting electrical service installation.

Broadway (McKinney – Coleman): Reconstruct existing concrete paving to typical downtown section with two lanes of travel, head in parking, and extra wide sidewalks. Project also includes the installation underground drainage, 12” water line, sanitary sewer crossings, landscaping and street lights.

Status Updates: Staff has reviewed 50% plans, waiting for delivery of lighting and landscaping. Coordination of improvements with franchise utilities continues.

Coit Road Median Lighting (US 380 – First Street): Design and construct decorative median lighting in center of medians on Coit Road, between US 380 and First Street. The decorative poles and LED light fixtures will be of the same design as those installed on Preston Road. Since the width of Coit Road is less than Preston, the wattage of the new lights will be reduced to mitigate light spilling into the adjacent neighborhoods.

Status Updates: Staff anticipates receiving initial draft of completed plans and specifications from Engineer this week. Project is expected to bid in June.

Coit Road (First Street – Frontier Parkway): Design four lanes of an ultimate six lane concrete, curb and guttered, divided roadway with underground drainage.

Status Updates: Preliminary Roadway Profile is almost complete. Preliminary drainage is underway. Engineers are coordinating with Utilities and Prosper Road Project.

Prosper Trail (Coit Road – Custer Road (FM 2478): Design of a four lane, curb and guttered, divided roadway with underground drainage with the construction of a new four lane bridge over Wilson Creek.

Status Updates: Contractor has installed signal arms over Windsong Parkway. Staff expects arms over US 380 to be installed by the end of May. City of Frisco has finished testing signal cabinet, and crews have placed on pad. Activation of signals is tentatively scheduled for mid/early June.

Parvin Street (Broadway to Eighth), Sixth Street (Coleman To Church), Third Street (Church to Lane): Reconstruction of existing two lane asphalt roads to a concrete roadway without curb and gutter with new 8” water on Parvin Street, Seventh Street to Fifth Street.

Status Updates: Bids were opened. Council awarded contract on April 25, 2017. Waiting on contracts from Contractor. Should have contracts back this week.

Traffic Signal (FM 2478 and Prosper Trail): Installation of temporary span wire traffic signal at the intersection of Custer Road and Prosper Trail by TxDOT.

Status Updates: Signal design by TxDOT currently underway. TxDOT Area Office engineers also working on alignment and grade issues on east side of Custer to facilitate construction of signal.

FM 1461 (SH 289 to FM 2478): Re-grading and building up of roadway shoulders to provide additional pavement width on Frontier Parkway. Includes the installation of stop signs on FM1461 at FM 2478 (Custer Road) intersection until construction of a west bound left turn lane with temporary span wire traffic signal can be built. Crews will also construct left turn lanes, both east and west bound, at Coit Road with the creation of a four way stop. Once road work is completed, a separate TxDOT project is scheduled (Spring 2018) to install a temporary span wire traffic signal at the Coit Road intersection.

Status Updates: TxDOT Area Office continues to work on plans ahead of June 2017 letting.

Craig Road (Preston Road to PISD): Replace the existing asphalt pavement on Craig Road with six-inch cement treated base and install 3” of Type B and 2” of Type D Asphalt pavement.

Status Updates: Project was bid April 12, 2017. Town Council awarded bid to Advanced Paving Company on May 9, 2017. Scheduled to start the week after school is out.


Lovers Lane Segment 42” Lower Pressure Plane Water (Gates of Prosper): Construct 2400 LF segment of 42” water line under Lovers Lane from Richland Boulevard to Preston Road prior to Developer constructing roadway.

Status Updates: Installation of pipe is complete. Staff awaiting density and deflection testing results.

Prosper Trail Elevated Storage Tank: Construct a 2 million gallon elevated storage tank (water tower) on the north side of Prosper Trail, midway between Preston Road and Coit Road.

Status Updates: Crews have constructed driveway and have begun work on finished site grading.

Prosper Trail Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV): Install a 12” Pressure Reducing Valve on existing water line west of BNSF of Prosper Trail.

Status Updates: Crews established traffic control and are awaiting delivery of additional vault components. Contractor should remobilize next week.

Public Works Interceptor: Install a Sewer Interceptor that will allow the effluent currently pumped from the Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Station to gravity flow to Upper Trinity River Water District (UTRWD), and to regulate the flows between UTRWD and North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) to optimize flows and subsequent costs.

Status Updates: Town Council awarded contract for construction to Raytech Services, LLC. at the February 28, 2017, Council meeting. Construction estimated to begin next week.


Town Hall / Multi-Purpose Facility: Construct a Town Hall / Multi-Purpose Facility to serve the Town’s increasing needs, including administrative offices, Council chambers, municipal court, library, multi-purpose rooms, and other functions. Estimated cost includes construction services, equipment, and furniture.

Status Updates: Structural crews continue to erect steel framing. Second floor concrete placement has begun. Masonry crews continue to work on the construction of stairwells. Mechanical crews continue to work on internal utilities and mechanical improvements.

Town Hall Infrastructure Project: Reconstruction of Main Street (First Street to Broadway) to curb and guttered concrete roadway. Project also constructs additional street within alley easement south of Broadway to Crockett. In addition to pavement, project includes water, sewer, and drainage improvements for Town Hall, as well as lighting and landscaping improvements for Main Street.

Status Updates: Utility crews installing water line from Town Hall site to Broadway. Work continues on the construction of drainage improvements in Crockett at Broadway. Staff awaiting AT&T’s completion of relocations adjacent to Town Hall to facilitate pole removal on Broadway.


Church and Parvin Drainage Improvements: Design of underground storm sewer currently flowing through an unimproved alley and across residential lots east between Church Street and Parvin Street, north of Broadway and south of Seventh Street.

Status Updates: Engineer has provided design options. Staff continues to work on property acquisition.

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