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Prosper Town Council Approves Budget and Tax Rate

Prosper Town Council Approves Budget and Tax Rate

The new budget and tax rate were approved in Tuesday’s meeting as well as the Capital Improvement Plan for 2017-2018.

Each project had been through multiple public hearings and reviews. Changes have been made and finalized and the Council approved each item. These plans may be seen on the Town’s website at

In other business, the Council approved raising various Town fees which include fees for Certificate of Occupancy, Building Regulations, Review of Plans, Suspension of Permit, Food Establishments and Mobile Food Units, Health and Sanitation. Finance Director Kelly Neal said the fees have not been updated since 2010 and in some cases 2005. The agenda item was approved.

There was also a Change Order on the docket for the Town Hall Infrastructure Project which was approved. “It is related to a significant change needed on the drainage system to facilitate the project,” said Hulon Webb, Executive Director of Development and Community Services for the Town of Prosper. “Previously, the infrastructure improvements project included the construction of a temporary 550-foot drainage channel on the property south of First Street and two temporary drainage structures that crossed First Street to convey water to and from that channel. Concerns expressed by the owner of the property to the south, as well as a desire to minimize the impact on First Street traffic started discussions about possible alternatives.” Webb said an option was realized that could re-route the water west before it got to First Street, eliminating the need for the two drainage structures across First Street and the temporary drainage channel. This option would also eliminate the added cost of the temporary work, reduce the cost of the future First Street project’s underground drainage pipe, and eliminate previously planned construction related inconveniences to the motorists along First Street.

The Council also approved:
A resolution authorizing the town manager to sign an application to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Outdoor Recreation Grant for the development of the Whitley Place Trail Extension Project.

Council members also discussed the Multi-Family Rental Inspection Program but no action was required or taken.

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