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Pep Rally Goes Off in True Prosper Form

Pep Rally Goes Off in True Prosper Form

The drum line for the Mighty Eagle Band made its big entrance from the side of the arena last week just as it has in pep rallies for several years. It was the first pep rally of the 2017-18 school year and the drum line gave it a roaring kick off. Any fears that this year’s pep rallies would be flat or less exciting were quickly squashed.

From its beginning to its end, it was roaring, it was loud, it was exciting and it was fun. What more could one ask for in a high school rally. But there is more.

David Syme, a special student, helped Principal Dr. John Burdett welcome everyone to the first pep rally of the year in which it was standing room only. Cruz of 106.1 KISS FM was also on hand to wish the Eagles well for this school year. He said he was impressed with what he saw in the pep rally.

This was the USA pep rally when all the red, white and blue comes out in every way and first responders and veterans are honored by the students.

PHS Technology teacher John Paul Floyd is also an Army veteran. He took a turn at the microphone and thanked the students for wanting to do this type of a pep rally each year.

Randy Rhodes is an Air Force veteran who lives in Prosper. His wife Nicole was with him, and the two said it is an honor to be invited by the students. They said it amazes them that the students are interested in the first responders and veterans.

Student leaders took to the floor of the arena to lead the student body through some of the traditional cheers they’ve done together for years. But when it came to the freshman section to makes some noise, the freshmen learned they are going to have to work on getting loud like the other classes.

Parish Cundiff is part of the Collin County Sheriff’s department and was there with the first responders. He said he felt really special to be recognized in such a way

Prosper firefighters were present and on the front row of the honored guests. There were military personnel, more first responders and veterans, all invited by the students to come to be honored.

Also, the students were there to boost their football and volleyball teams as they prepare for competition. Rivalry and school spirit are still alive and healthy at Prosper High School.

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