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Prosper gets new EDC Director after vacancy of two years

Prosper gets new EDC Director after vacancy of two years

It’s not a far reach for Maher Maso to step into the Economic Development realm and it’s not a reach for him to locate in Prosper for the Economic Development Corporation. After his high-profile role in Frisco, he is primed and ready to take on Prosper EDC and Prosper folks are ready to have him at the helm.

Yes, Prosper has a new EDC Director and his name is Maher Maso, former mayor of Frisco. Maso says he has always believed in North Texas and has worked well and often with mayors of towns across the area. One of those is Prosper’s own Mayor Ray Smith.

When asked about the shift from Mayor to EDC he notes it’s not much of a change. “I’m just doing now what I’ve always done,” Maso said. “With Economic Development, the success of North Texas, the job creation and the projects all feed on each other, so the more successful each community is, the better. It kind of flows together. We are all very competitive, obviously, and want to create the best for each community, but if you look at all the cities across North Texas most of them are small to mid-sized cities and are working together. We get a lot more done that way.” He also pointed out that the developers and contractors cross the borders between the towns and cities of North Texas so it benefits everyone when the cities work together as a region.

Mayor Smith has worked with Maso for years and the two have gotten to know one another. “It was worth the wait, and I’m excited to work with Maher again,” Smith said in an email. “This is a tremendous addition to the Prosper EDC. Maher is a Blue Chip player, and will bring a great amount of experience and relationships to Prosper EDC.”

The EDC is the one part of local government that has to work differently from the rest. Mason explained that projects on which the EDC works can’t be publicized until the corporation they are working with is ready to let it be known. There are so many things to consider when a company moves, i.e., advising employees they are moving, sometimes their stocks and investments can be affected, so they need to keep the move, or even the consideration of a move, quiet.

Maso says Prosper and Frisco share a border with a lot of joint things taking place. The demographics in Prosper are similar to Frisco as well as the entire region — McKinney, Plano and Allen. “The growth is coming this way and the planned growth is very exciting,” Maso said. “Prosper knows what kind of community they want to be, and they have some really great corridors with the 380 Corridor, Preston Road and the Tollway. That’s going to create an opportunity to create jobs for the community, bring financial strength to the community and allow quality of life and cost of living to remain low.”

Jobs and companies will come to Prosper and Maso says that the key is getting the quality jobs here so Prosper will be a great place to work and raise a family. “This is the place to do it,” he said.

One of the things the new director wants to concentrate on is the work force, because “Prosper has great talent, a great school system, and companies relocate because of that work force.” he said. “So, we are going to be telling that story. “If you want to move your company, here is a good place to do it because you are going to have employees, and oh by the way, a great school system, and oh by the way, great housing.”

“So, it’s going to be fun,” he said with a smile.

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  • Sounds like a great deal. So excited about getting stores and not having to drive very far. Never know you may see me working at one of those fun placed for extra spending money. If anyone has a connection to a store you think I would like please remember me. Thanks. Go Prosper

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