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Town Council gets a look at proposed Gateway signage for Prosper

Town Council gets a look at proposed Gateway signage for Prosper

Signage ordinances, the Gateway Monument Signage project and road repairs took up most of the discussion time in Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

Four Windsong residents appeared before the Town Council during the citizens comments section concerning conditions of roadways at their homes. Richard Basher said when it rains there, the water flows and often carries off trash containers. He said cars have to weave back and forth to dodge pot holes to the point, he fears for the safety of his children who might be walking next to the roadway.

Dallas Wymes said repairing the roadways is not going to be a simple patch. He said the problem has been going on for more than two years and residents just want to know what to expect from the town to get it fixed.

Tina Newton cautioned Councilors that fixing the problems now will be far less costly than letting the problem persist and doing more repairs later.

Lastly, Renee Junell said she understands construction and while she doesn’t want to repeat what the first three residents had to say, it’s been more than two years and she thinks enough time has passed that the town should be doing something about the problem. She urged the Council to put the item on its agenda for the August 8 meeting.

Councilors were not permitted to discuss any of the problems with residents nor among themselves to comply with the Open Meetings Act which states that anything they discuss must be on the agenda and published 72 hours before the meeting.

The largest portion of the meeting was spent with local contractor John Harris and the area he is currently developing on the northeast corner of Preston Road and First Street and along Hayes Road. The town staff felt Harris was asking for too many large monument signs and they were not needed. In the end, there was a compromise approved by the Council 5-1 with the dissenting vote being from Councilor Kenneth Dugger. Dugger said he didn’t feel there had been enough discussion and wasn’t ready to make the compromise.

Next came Dudley Raymond, Director of Parks and Recreation, to introduce the presentation of possible gateway signage for the Town of Prosper. Lenny Hughes representing Halff and Associates showed several choices to be constructed in the median of Preston Road close to its intersection with U.S. Highway 380.

Hughes said gateway characteristics should be bold and showed several examples he thought might fit what the Council is looking for within the parameters of the Texas Highway Department which limits the height to 20 feet. Hughes showed drawings that included a couple of different types of towers as well as monuments that are lower.

In other business, Councilors tabled the Roadway Impact Fees Reimbursement Agreement between Longo Toyota of Prosper and the Town of Prosper. Hulon Webb, Executive Director of Development and Community Services, said he needed to make some changes in the agreement and asked it to be tabled.

The Council also approved a Wastewater Impact Fee Reimbursement Agreement between All Storage Prosper Trail LLC and the Town of Prosper related to the extension of sanitary sewer lines to serve the Cook Addition.

Also approved was the second amendment to the Thoroughfare Improvement Development Agreement between Prosper Partners LP and the Town of Prosper related to the extension of thoroughfares to serve Parks at Legacy development.

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