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What Colors Go Well Together: The Secrets to Color Matching

What Colors Go Well Together: The Secrets to Color Matching

Are you ready for a fashion truth bomb? You may be playing it safe when it comes to wearing color. Pairing hues is a part of everyday life, especially when deciding what to wear in the morning. Don’t restrict your closet to a confined color scheme when there is a plethora of pretty colors you could be adding to your wardrobe rotation. Ladies, have you ever wondered what colors work well together? If so, you’re not alone. Color matching your clothing may seem like a big mystery, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where we come in…we’ve done our fair share of sartorial sleuthing and have answers for your most-perplexing color quandaries. So, buckle up—there’s a world of color out there and it’s time for you to explore it.

Did you know that colors have the power to evoke strong emotions? It’s true—color psychology is a real thing. Let’s dive into a hypothetical situation. Imagine you’re preparing to speak in front of a large audience. Now think about the message you’d like to convey to your listeners through your outfit choice. Wearing cool tones can elicit a sense of peace and tranquility, while warm hues can energize a crowd. It’s also important to take into consideration which colors look best on you. With that being said, color is a powerful tool for expressing your truest self. Wondering where to even begin? Keep reading for a no-fail starting point on what colors go well together with the basics of color theory.

What Color Combinations Work Best with Pastels and Brights?

When it comes to adding color to women’s wardrobes, pretty pastels and bold brights get the job done. Typically, these lively hues are what we think of when we’re looking to make an outfit really pop. When deciphering what colors go well together, these striking shades can be the most persnickety of the bunch. Yes, there’s definitely a way to overdo it on the neon’s and head-to-toe pastels may wash you out. It’s all about balance, and we’re happy to guide you to the ultimate equilibrium of color.

What Colors Go with Pink?

Style alert—all tints of pink and blue go well together as long as they have complementary tones. If you were ever curious about what colors go with pink, there’s your answer. Are you a gal who loves different shades of mauve, blush, or hot pink? We encourage you to have fun with this one. For a bold and brilliant combo, opt for a rich cobalt and fuchsia. For a softer feel, try pairing baby pink and cornflower blue. Embrace the cottage-core trend in a midi dress with puff sleeves in a barely-there blue hue with ditsy pink flowers. Lastly, you can’t go wrong by pairing blue jeans with virtually any shade of pink. Keep your look trend-forward with wide-leg denim and square-toe heels. You’ll look pretty in pink in no time.

What Colors Go Well Together: Shades of Purple and Grey

Are you trying to decide what color matches with purple? Look no further than an expansive range of grey shades. Lavender and light grey is a tone-on-tone color combination that is both smart and serene. Try a sharp sheath dress with lavender slingbacks and you’ll instantly look like a fashionista who knows what they’re doing. For a sparkly twist, add a touch of silver in your jewelry. Do you prefer your outfits to pack a punch? Say goodbye to subdued and hello to standout ensembles with grape and darker greys like charcoal and pewter. The balance of the deeper grey will act as a neutral foundation for bright purple to stand on its own.

Stay tuned for the April issue, where we highlight more secrets to Color Matching! Thank you to Jenny Beltran and Jessica Glass from Stitch Fix for their contribution to this month’s Fashion section!

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