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Meet the Prosper Town Council Candidates: May 1, 2021

Meet the Prosper Town Council Candidates: May 1, 2021


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It has been a privilege serving the Town of Prosper over the last three years as your Town Councilman Place 2 and your Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem. There are a number of efforts we began together during my first term that I want to see through that are important to the future of the Town of Prosper.

  1. Making Our Bond Money Go A Long Way: In November, the Town overwhelmingly passed a $210 Million dollar bond measure. Now it is time to apply our Town’s proven responsible financial management philosophy to spending those funds. We must meet our first responder, infrastructure and parks and recreation needs of our community while always being mindful of the current economic climate in the Town.
  2. The North Dallas Tollway Corridor: Provide the guidance for investment that creates opportunity for our community and respects the vision of quality for Prosper as a whole.
  3. Broadband Services Focus: As a part of our Broadband committee, I want to see us continue to work with our providers not only to urge them to improve service, but to make Prosper the best in next generation services so we can not only attract new corporate interests but set the table for the new distributed workforce model that characterizes corporate relocation in this post-Covid economy. We have to challenge our providers to make residential service every bit as reliable as the more traditional commercial settings.
  4. Make Downtown Our Front Yard and Gathering Place: As a part of our joint EDC-Town Council Downtown Committee, I want to see the real implementation and use of all the tools that we can proliferate in order to create the economic reality that developers and home-town mom and pop retailers need in order for them to invest in Downtown Prosper. We need to make our Downtown the gathering place and an authentic experience we can’t get anywhere else!
  5. Quality Development– Underlying all commercial and residential developments, we need to continue to require quality standards and best in class offerings that has made our Town what it is today!
  6. Safety and Security– We need to continue the work of supporting our first responders with top notch facilities, equipment and competitive compensation. Our brand new Police Station that we opened in 2020 was just the first step. Our staff and first responders are the heart and soul of our community and we must continue to provide them the resources they need.
  7. Our Culture Together Making Prosper Our Home-Town: Whether you have been here for 20 years or you just got here yesterday, I want you to know that this is your home town now. The moment you moved to Prosper, you became part of our cultural fabric. Over the next few years, council is going to work very hard to engage our community like it never has before. You are important. We need all of us working together to make this place the best biggest small town in America and your Home Town!

Prosper has been special for the Andres family for over ten years now. Over the next three years, I want to pass what was given to us, on to you. On behalf of my children, Jackson, Grant and Reagan and my wife Chris, thank you Prosper! Looking forward to three more years with you! For any questions, please email me at or follow me on Facebook at


My name is Christopher Wardlaw and I am asking for your vote for my candidacy for Place 6 on the Prosper Town Council. I have lived in Prosper for over five years with my family.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics from Mississippi State University in 2001 and my master’s degree in market research from University of Texas at Arlington in 2005.

My research career has spanned various industries including aerospace, utilities, military, health care, insurance, and finance, I feel that my acumen for research and developing human centered insights make me an excellent candidate for Prosper town council.

I am passionate about the success of our town.  My family and I chose Prosper for its schools, small town feel, and family environment. The town is centrally focused on families making it one of the most desirable communities for us to reside in. To support this family environment, I am driven to ensure responsible and sustainable business growth development in Prosper.

As a representative of all Prosper residents, I pledge to:

  • Focus on economic growth and development
  • Put education and safety first
  • Prioritize bringing in the right businesses for our community
  • Preserve and promote our community as a place where everyone matters
  • Ensure proper infrastructure for our towns long term future

I believe in building a stable economic future where our community does not heavily rely on property taxes. Additionally, we must be responsible in our town spending, in that we make sure the investment is worth the benefit. We must not spend money simply because the coffers are full.

If you have questions or would like to meet, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I am both hopeful and thankful for your support. You are welcome to contact me by email at or on Facebook at Wardlaw4ProsperFB.


Like many of the other residents, my family moved to Prosper because of the great quality of life it offers. My wife, Colleen, and I followed our daughter’s family to Prosper almost 7 years ago and now we have the privilege of watching our grandchildren grow up here. With so much invested in our community, I hope the voters will know that every time I make a decision as your town council member, I will be mindful of its impact on your family and mine. I am a businessman, having started as a CPA and then completing a successful commercial real estate career. I have never before run for office, but have spent a large part of my life in public service. I have been on numerous community and non-profit boards. I have been on 4 different homeowner association boards, including Gentle Creek. I served on Prosper’s Charter Review Committee, its Executive Development Team and I serve on the Downtown Development Committee.  I am currently Chairman of Prosper’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Town Council should continue to focus on providing Police and Fire with the facilities and tools to maintain our safety and security. Improving infrastructure also needs to be a priority as many roads are still dirt or asphalt and many areas do not have access to town water. Attention to parks will become critical as plans are made for improvements to the town’s parks, trails, and recreational facilities. As a CPA, I appreciate using our tax dollars wisely and efficiently. Transparency and accountability help to ensure this is happening.

Residential growth is inevitable, but to hold or reduce property taxes, the Town needs commercial development that balances the Small Town Feel with smart and sustainable growth. The key corridors along the Dallas North Tollway and Highway 380 offer opportunities to attract corporate office along with quality shopping, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Downtown Prosper has an opportunity to become a destination for dining and entertainment with a focus on boutique shops and public spaces. My extensive real estate experience can be valuable in planning and pursuing business & services that will preserve our neighborhoods and protect our home values.

One of the major issues facing the town involves interfacing with other governmental jurisdictions on transportation. Roadways under construction around Prosper require funding and cooperation with TXDOT, NTTA, NCTCOG, Collin County, Denton County, and the cities of Frisco, McKinney, and Celina. We need to be pushing for our fair share of funding while working to accelerate and minimize the impact of construction. A special focus should be on the 380 Bypass, standing firm on our position that any realignment MUST be through McKinney, not Prosper.

I have the time, energy & experience. I am motivated to see Prosper remain/become one of the premier communities in North Texas to raise a family (for my daughter and grandchildren) and retire (for my wife and I). Please feel free to contact me at or follow me on Facebook at Charles Cotten for Prosper.

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