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The Board of Trustees for the Prosper Independent School District has two open seats up for election on November 3rd – Place 2 and Place 5. Voters can begin voting early on October 13th.



Greetings Prosper ISD Family,

As we approach the upcoming school board election, I want to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of who I am and why I want to serve our Prosper ISD community. 

Several years ago, it was time for us to consider where our son, who has special needs, would attend elementary school. We were living in Cedar Hill at the time. After an extensive and exhaustive search, we determined there was only one place for our son and our family;Prosper ISD. We packed up and moved from Cedar Hill to Prosper—and the rest is history. 

Admittedly, we have not been in town as long as many of you. But, as soon as we arrived, we rolled up our sleeves and got busy with community involvement and have been actively involved since that time. 

Our son is currently in the 3rd grade. I have a high probability of remaining connected to our District for the foreseeable future and for the right reason. It’s all about our kids; yours and mine. 

I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting Control Systems from University of North Texas. Additionally, I have a master’s degree in Christian Education from Dallas Baptist University. I’ve spent time working for the Nation’s Central Bank at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  For the past 14½ years, I’ve served as chief financial officer of a megachurch with a multimillion-dollar budget. I’ve served on the board of directors for organizations like Disability Rights Texas and Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas who have similar goals and objectives. I have experience with review of organizational budgets, board oversight and policy review/compliance.

As our District grows, our District will change. A part of welcoming this change will include us warmly embracing new families to our District. Keep in mind, many of the new families moving to the area are attracted to our amazing District. It’s only fitting that newer families have representation throughout our District. For us to acknowledge, welcome and embrace such diversification is an outward display of two things (1) #WeAreProsper (2) #WeAreOne.

I need your vote. … I cannot win this election without your support and your vote.

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My decision to run for PISD School Board did not come lightly. After much prayer and discussion, my family and I decided now is the time to serve in a greater capacity in the area I’ve been passionate about for 25 years – education. I’ve always worked behind the scenes from budgets, volunteering, coordinating projects to communication; and now that my children are older, I feel that experience is vital to our district. It’s not only the number of years that I’ve had children within PISD that sets me apart from other candidates, but more importantly the involvement and relationships I have cultivated over the past 17 years with families & staff of PISD, and Town & local leadership that are instrumental in maintaining effective communication and strategies to best serve the needs of our growing district. 

Since moving to Prosper in 2003 with our four children, I have made it a priority to serve our community while balancing my own work and family. In addition to being a licensed insurance agent, I’ve taught preschool in Prosper and volunteer weekly in Children’s Ministry at our church’s Prosper campus. I’ve been a youth coach, school and classroom volunteer, class representative and board member for three high school booster clubs, as well as a substitute teacher within PISD. I’ve supported and volunteer for many benevolence organizations that benefit the families of PISD, such as Prosper Open Foundation, LovePacs, Bedstart, PLA and Cornerstone. I also helped with the initial PISD Bond Program in 2007 and supported the PISD Bond of 2019. 

There are many challenges facing the rapid and continuous growth of our district: fiscal responsibility, construction of new schools, hiring and retaining great staff, capacity and safety concerns, maintaining a positive school climate, innovative curriculum & programs, and of course, reduced state funding. Despite these challenges, it’s critical that our leaders within the district are equipped to ensure teachers and students can be successful. I commit to prioritize funds to support the needs of all students and also maintain competitive salaries to attract the best teachers and staff, and to help develop the “whole child” through programs that enrich every student’s education. An exceptional educational environment that is balanced with unique opportunities is imperative while emphasizing the importance of mental and social health in our changing society. I will also continue to serve as an advocate at the local and state level for public education and family values.

I am in touch with what our families and teachers care about and will ensure every decision is in the best interest of both the children we serve, and the staff we hire. The “We Are Prosper. We Are One” mentality is vital to the continued success of our district.  Regardless of where you live, you should feel you are part of the PISD community. I am proud to have been a part of PISD’s past, and more excited to be an integral part of its future – Maintaining our standard of excellence in all areas! I ask for your vote November 3rd!

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I have been a part of Prosper ISD for 3.5 years.  When my husband and I were considering building a home, we knew we didn’t want to stay in our current district because we didn’t feel the district or its teachers cared about our children.  Everything we’d heard about Prosper ISD sounded great. After long conversations and prayer, we decided Prosper ISD was “the one.”  Thus far, we have had a great experience!  Since that time, I have jumped into being a part of this greatness by joining all PTA/PTO organizations at my kids’ schools, plus the one for GT students as well as sports booster clubs.  

While volunteering in the district, I saw room for improvement. When you love something, you want to help it thrive and be its absolute best.  One way to achieve this is to become a part of the school board.  While the current board has done a good job, I believe my background as a business owner and financial planner would be an asset to the school board.  What I’ve learned in those roles is that you have to constantly re-evaluate your effectiveness in order to survive.  This district is one of the fastest-growing in the country; self-evaluation — and re-evaluation — is vital to its success.   

I want to focus on the following:


The district has a great suicide prevention program called Hope Squad, which definitely helps, but I believe some of these tragedies can be prevented if we address bullying as the precursor to suicide.  No parent wants their child to be the victim or the aggressor. I’m confident that our community can work together to curb bullying and, thus, prevent children from becoming suicidal.  

Foreign Language

PISD has a spectacular Spanish dual-language program that you can only enter in kindergarten.  Other parents want access to this great program and would be willing to pay tuition for our children to participate.  I want to find a way for all students to have access if they so choose.  

Mental Illness

Hope Squad is making great strides; however some students might need extra help during the school day.  I would like to see the district consider having licensed counselors on site at our middle schools. They would help students while they are in the middle of a crisis. 

When you vote, choose me, as I stand for Faith, Family & Future!






It has been an honor, for the past six years, to be able to work alongside such an amazing leadership team and committed group of educators. My aspiration and goals are to be able to serve our students, families, staff, district, with the support of our great community, to provide optimal education and career opportunities.

My family has experienced the incredible growth in the district when PISD expanded from its third campus, Folsom Elementary, to what it is today. I have spent the last fourteen years volunteering on six campuses, getting to know students, staff, and administrators. Equally valuable, I have become familiar with the processes and systems that PISD relies on to provide the most exemplary experience for all.

I am fully committed to ensuring that we, as a united board, continue to strive for excellence in the Prosper Independent School District. The rapid growth provides extremely challenging times. However, we must be forward-thinking in providing the best facilities, curriculum, support and resources for our students and staff. Since my time on the board, we have designed and opened eight elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, a natatorium, a football stadium and community room, plus a transportation site.

Last year, I was part of a $1.37 billion bond election to fund the building of much needed future schools and facilities in our district. Our community was very supportive, and the bond passed with an 85% approval rating. The expansion of our district relies on vision and through this bond, we will be more prepared for the next wave of growth that is around the corner.

2020 has definitely brought its share of challenges to us all. Our leadership team and educators spent countless hours over Spring Break to implement a virtual classroom for the first time in our history. Within days of our country being shut down, Prosper ISD offered not only virtual learning to every student, but technology access, equipment, and meals to all who needed them. At the same time, our team stayed on schedule and within budget, opening three schools in August. These challenges were big, but not insurmountable. In preparation for this fall, we were determined to provide the option of both virtual and in person learning. And we did. Our kids deserve nothing less.

We expect to face demanding issues in the coming months and years, but our cohesive leadership team is unstoppable! Together, we can transform many of these into opportunities as we grow. I look forward to the task of educating and empowering more than 18,000 students in Prosper ISD in preparation for a bright and rewarding future. Remember… WE ARE PROSPER. WE ARE ONE!

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