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We Prosper Together

We Prosper Together

The month of May has always been marked by the excited anticipation of the arrival of summer. As the weeks of the month progress, our collective eagerness for those warm breezy days of summer intensifies. We begin thinking about taking advantage of every second of the lengthened days, wanting to fill them with those longed-for activities that serve to bring us together for fun, play and socializing.

Except this year. While the restrictions for some businesses and activities have been loosened, there is still the anxiety of not knowing what’s in store for us. Many of us are still wary of stepping out too far from home, fearful that every cough, every headache, every labored breath could mean catastrophe.

Being careful and thoughtfully cautious during the present time is something very personal, and each of us is following our own counsel on how far to venture, how bold to act, and how much is too much. While we hear differing, and sometime conflicting, opinions from friends and family, we should all listen to our inner voices, and do what we know to be best for us and our families. In this instance, following the crowd might not be our best option.

While our community is generally composed of a younger demographic, there are many active adults that call Prosper home. Quite a few of these residents, many in their 60s, 70s, and beyond, are feeling anxious, scared, and apprehensive. They are more likely to stay home, or when out, wear masks. They may limit visits to their homes, even from relatives. If you know some active adults, please keep them in your thoughts, and if you can, reach out to them and offer your help.

There are also residents of our community who are feeling extremely stressed over their jobs or businesses. While social distancing and other fight-the-virus measures are important, the consequences of these actions can have a negative effect on their livelihood.

That’s the main reason we started the “We Prosper Together” campaign, a cooperative charitable giving program that benefits four local organizations including Cornerstone North Central Texas, Lovepacs Prosper, Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors, and the Prosper Ladies Association’s Summer Lunch Program.

The campaign is a partnership among the Town, the Prosper Chamber of Commerce, the Prosper Rotary Club, and Atmos Energy, each providing either supportive services or cash donations. You can help by donating as well. Contact Cornerstone North Central Texas (, Lovepacs Prosper (, Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors (, or the Prosper Ladies Association (, and give what you can. Our citizens are in tremendous need and your donations will go towards feeding and clothing our neighbors.

Summer is around the corner, but this year, things will be a little different. What I’m sure won’t change is our community’s generous and caring nature.

By Mayor Ray Smith

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