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Ordinance prohibits fireworks within Town limits and ETJ

Ordinance prohibits fireworks within Town limits and ETJ

Public safety and protection of property form basis

PROSPER (December 21, 2017) Revelers who plan to welcome the arrival of 2018 should remember that the Town of Prosper strictly prohibits the sale, possession and use of non-commercial, retail fireworks.

“The Town of Prosper Ordinance Number 00-13 is clear in its prohibition of the use and possession of fireworks,” says Fire Marshal Bryan Ausenbaugh. “The Fire Department and Police Department are both charged with ensuring that residents and visitors adhere to this ordinance.”

The health and safety of people, especially youngsters, and the preservation of property are the reasons behind the ordinance, and both public safety departments will be actively monitoring the area during the holiday weekend to ensure compliance.

The ordinance prohibits the discharge of fireworks anywhere within the Town of Prosper and the Town’s ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction) without first obtaining a permit and providing proof of a bond. That means that the types of fireworks that one can purchase at roadside stands are simply not allowed, since permits will generally be issued only to commercial-level fireworks display companies.

The geographic areas covered in the ordinance include any piece of property from Custer Road west to FM 1385 and from US 380 north to Frontier Parkway and all property inside those borders. Also included are the Town’s ETJ, property in Denton County, Collin County and any property within 5,000 feet of Town limits.

“If a person or persons are found in violation of this ordinance, they may be issued a citation and, if proven guilty, could face fines up to $2,000 for each offense,” said Ausenbaugh. “The Prosper Fire Department wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday, and hopes everyone understands these restrictions are in the interest of public safety.”

Questions can be addressed to the Prosper Fire Department at (972) 346-9469 or by visiting

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