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Planned Development for Food Truck Park Approved

Planned Development for Food Truck Park Approved

The Council approved a proposed Planned Development for Prosper resident Doug Walker to build a food truck court adjacent to Silo Park on Broadway Street in downtown Prosper.

Alex Glushko, Planning Manager for the Town of Prosper, addressed the Town Council regarding the proposed food truck park and outdoor entertainment venue. The site will include an area to accommodate up to six food trucks, a stage for live entertainment, kids’ play area, and a building for beverage sales and will accommodate an office, bar and restrooms.

The Beverage Center will offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which are subject to Town of Prosper Alcohol Regulations and TABC permitting requirements.

Description documents state “Silo Park will occupy the northern half of the subject property with two future retail buildings shown on the remaining southern half along West Broadway Street. Currently, the Zoning Ordinance does not address this type of food and entertainment development, therefore a Planned Development is being requested to allow for the use, and to address certain development standards associated with the use.”

After a lengthy discussion, the PD was approved with the restriction that Walker will have to return to the Council in two and a half years to renew his permission to operate. The Council will talk more in the next Council meeting about certain restrictions involving the project.

Silo Park is proposed as a short-term use to determine if it is a sustainable business. The proposed Development Standards allow for an initial period of three years. If the property owner wishes to continue the venture longer than three years, the proposed Development Standards require the property owner to request approval of a Specific Use Permit to continue the use. This will allow the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council the opportunity to review the development and consider continuation of the use as well as other options or improvements.

The project cleared the Planning and Zoning Commission with approval last month. As this is seen as a possible short-term venture, the property owner is requesting to deviate from certain requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, including architectural, landscaping, and paving. Future development of the Silo Park site and the retail buildings will be required to meet all applicable architectural, landscaping, and paving requirements.

Doug Walker who lives on Breezypoint Circle said he will be the operator of the business and it will be family friendly where people can go and have a variety of food. “There will be one entry point and one exit point and it will be fenced,” Walker said. “This came about because my wife and I needed a place to go to hang out with friends and kids and we couldn’t find that.”

The Council discussed hesitations to approve because of the temporary nature and the exceptions requested to the towns standards. They explained that approving the Planned Development is only the first step but will give Walker the go ahead to work out the details with the town staff for approval of the Council.

In other business, the Council agreed to authorize Town Manager Harlan Jefferson to execute a Roadway Impact Fees Reimbursement Agreement between Longo Toyota of Prosper and the Town of Prosper related to the construction of Mahard Parkway to serve Longo Toyota which is currently under construction.

Also, a proposed no-parking zone on South Craig Road south of Rucker Elementary School is tabled indefinitely.

The Consent Agenda was approved without discussion and includes:

  • The August Financial Report;
  • Appointing a Special Purpose District Committee;
  • Amending Resolution regarding the application to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Outdoor Recreation Grant for development of the Whitley Place Trail Extension project;
  • Authorize an Interlocal Agreement for Geographic Information System services between the town of Prosper and the city of Frisco;
  • Approve an ordinance adopting Section 6 “Drainage System Design Requirements” of the Engineering Design Standards Ordinance;
  • Authorize an agreement to contribute Right of Way funds between the Texas Department of Transportation and the town of Prosper related to the construction of FM 2478 (Custer Road) from U.S. Highway 380 to FM 1461.

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