Council Makes Board and Commission Appointments

The Prosper Town Council made the annual appointments to town boards and commissions last week in its regular business meeting.

Following a closed executive session, council members returned to their seats. Mayor Ray Smith declared the meeting to be back in session and Kenneth Dugger moved for the following appointments to take place. The motion was seconded and approved with none against.

Board of Adjustment/Construction Board of Appeals: Place 1 — Brent Wells, Place 3 — George Dupont , Place 5 — Tracy Kirl, Place 7 — Jeremy Painkin.

Economic Development Corporation: Place 2 — Mayor Ray Smith, Place 4 — David Bristol.

Prosper Community Library Board: Place 1 — Lucy Towle, Place 3 — Lenorah Johnson, Place 5 — Mandi Jackson, Place 7 — Andrew Cartwright.

Parks and Recreation Board: Place 1 — Stephen Thomas, Place 2 — Gina Kern, Place 3 — Rebekah Land            , Place 5 — Amy Bartley, Place 7 — John Metcalf.

Planning and Zoning: Place 1 — Charles Cotten, Place 3 — Craig Andres, Place 5 — Bobby Atteberry, Place 6 — Marcus Ray, Place 7 — Brandon Daniel.

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