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Town Council receives new budget and five-year plan

Town Council receives new budget and five-year plan

The Prosper Town Council meeting kicked off with the presentation of a Storm Ready certification presented by Senior Meteorologist Eric Martello on hand from the National Weather Service. Martello explained that the certification means the Town of Prosper is storm ready and the community has communications in place and is able to get the word out quickly and also has the means with which to monitor weather and take action quickly.

Martello presented the town with signs declaring the community to be storm ready intended for the public roadways.

In the regular meeting, John Harris appeared and asked for a zoning variance for signs on First Street. The request was approved and provided for an ordinance for a Special Purpose Sign District for Prosper Town Center on the northeast corner of Preston Road and First Street.

In the next session, several residents of Windsong appeared one after another to address the council complaining about the condition of roadways in one area of Windsong Ranch. They were objecting to the Council’s lack of allocation of funds to repair those roads. Town Manager Harlan Jefferson explained that the money is still in the budget it was simply moved to another budget item to be held until the work can start on the Windsong roads. But the residents continued to make objections as if they hadn’t heard the explanation from Jefferson. One speaker said more Windsong residents will be at the next council meeting for more of the same. Since this issue was not a part of the agenda, Council members could not speak to the issue in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.

In other business, the Council approved a variance to the Subdivision Ordinance regarding thoroughfare screening for Parkside, located on the west side of Coit Road and south of Prosper Trail.

An ordinance was passed amending Article 13.08 “Right-of-Way Management of Chapter 13 “Utilities” the Town’s Code of Ordinances, by establishing regulations related to network providers.

In the public hearings section of the meeting the Council approved an ordinance amending Permitted Uses and Definitions of the Zoning Ordinance regarding temporary buildings. Part of that classification involves the temporary “portable” buildings used by the school district to help combat over-crowding when it happens.

The Council adjourned into closed executive session to discuss economic development incentives; purchase, exchange, lease or value of property; consult with the town attorney for possible litigation regarding bond issues regarding substandard structures; personnel matters; and appointments to the Board of Adjustment/Construction, Board of Appeals, Parks and Recreation Board, Library Board, Prosper Economic Development Corporation Board, and Planning and Zoning Commission.

After a lengthy closed session, the Council convened and Councilor Meigs Miller moved to authorize the town manager to modify the personnel policies to reflect correct accruals as discussed in closed session to be effective immediately.

The motion was approved with none against.

Just before the meeting was adjourned, the Council heard updated results of an engineering study of Rogers Middle School zoning for traffic and school crossings.

Before the town council meeting was a meet and greet in the Municipal Chambers to give Council members, town staff and board and commission members the opportunity to meet applicants for town boards and commissions. The room was crowded, even a little difficult to move through as Prosper folks chatted informally.

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