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Maher Maso Guest Speaker for Rotary

Maher Maso Guest Speaker for Rotary

Prosper’s new Economic Development Corporation Director, Maher Maso, stopped in at the Prosper Rotary last week and gave those in attendance an overview of what he sees for Prosper.

He referenced the past 15 years of Prosper’s phenomenal growth. “If you told the story of Prosper to anyone outside of this area, they would not believe you,” he said. “It’s not normal what is taking place here. So where Prosper will end up is vastly different from where we are today as a community, both in quality of life, jobs and the things a community wants to have in it. Prosper will be a different place. Some people won’t like it because they want things to stay the same. But the reality is, it is growing.”

Maso said Prosper is in what he calls the golden corridor — Preston Road, Dallas North Tollway, the U.S. Highway 380 corridor. It is all very attractive to corporations for relocations and tourism. “Prosper is known for quality of life and that’s why you have that growth,” he said.

He pointed out several things about the growth pattern. The thing that is most important, he says, is to have a master plan. And it can’t be something someone decided to sit down and create. To be effective, it must have input from different entities throughout the community. “How a community succeeds is everybody working together,” he said. “It really isn’t one entity. It’s not just city government or Economic Development or Rotary or Chamber of Commerce. Each entity has something to add. Each organization is of value. The community is a living entity and every part has a role to play. One of my goals here is to really help bridge some of those gaps and give the resources to those organizations that are growing. It’s a journey.”

Maso also talked about the importance of public safety and transportation. He said public safety transcends any border and transportation is a key component. People want to be able to move around. The third thing that helps all of this is a superior education system including schools of higher learning. These are the components corporations are paying attention to today when considering a move. “They are all key components in the quality of life,” he said.

About Collin County, Maso said there is currently a population of about 900,000, but in 2010 the population was reported to be 786,000. Buildout numbers projected for Collin County are around 2.5 million people. “They will be driving on Prosper streets,” he said.

In other Rotary business, badges were passed out to appropriate members. Sarah Peterson received the red badge which means she is a probationary member until she fulfills a few easy requirements and Nelson Hewitt received his permanent blue badge after transferring from another club. Marisol Trautmann also received her pin for having just finished her term as president.

Also, there was a brief discussion and report on the flag lease program. Joey Womble reported that flags will be put out before the fourth of September and picked up after the September 11. The flag program is a service provided by the Prosper Rotary members to give houses a U.S. flag for each patriotic holiday. Anyone interested in participating in the flag program as a volunteer or a client should visit the website at to get involved.

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