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Win The Day Charity fundraiser a Success at Light Farms Community

Win The Day Charity fundraiser a Success at Light Farms Community

Thousands gathered at the Light Farms Barn Yard, in the middle of the Light Farms community on Saturday to help support a revered member of the community. Bruce Thompson who, in April, got the diagnoses of cancer, decided to fight back by helping others.

Saturday’s event was the result of his friends and neighbors helping him start a new foundation to help others who are blindsided by a devastating illness as he was. Of course, the Win The Day foundation is going to help Thompson too, but he wouldn’t allow his friends to do anything for him unless the foundation included helping others.

One of his best friends, Brian Synatzske, lives close to Thompson in Light Farms. He says Bruce is the big brother he never had and never knew he wanted. “He is one of the kindest, funniest and most honest guys I know,” Synatzske said. “We’ve always bantered back and forth like ultimate rivals, however we have always been here for each other through picking up the kids and helping with projects around the house. Bruce has taught me so many things like a big brother does without even knowing it. He taught me to be a better father, husband and friend just by watching him like a little bother does. It was always something that I took for granted.”

In April, Thompson went from living a dream life in the suburbs to the fight for his life. This loving husband to Tori, and doting father to Logan, 9, and Avery, 7, was suddenly having trouble communicating while in the bleachers at his son’s youth baseball game in Prosper. His hand began to tremble uncontrollably. Soon after came his life-altering diagnosis. Sadly, lesions caused by his cancer have now spread throughout his body to his lungs, shoulder and brain.

Light Farms neighbors went into action and Saturday was the result. A new charity is born and Thompson has plans to work through his cancer by helping others. He said it’s the best way to take your mind off yourself.

Ben Rogers of 105.3’s The Ben and Skin Show is one of those neighbors and, like the rest, has put a lot of effort into getting to the big day. He and long-time on-air partner Jeff “Skin” Wade served as hosts for the festivities. The Barn Yard was bustling with people everywhere by 6 p.m. with bounce houses on the periphery, music in the air.

Even Prosper High School principal Dr. John Burdette got into the fray taking an extended turn in the dunking booth. He was able to cajole, wheedle and encourage youngsters to keep trying to hit the magic lever that would put him in the water.

Finally, Max Staples, 10, and in the fifth grade, got a direct hit that was hard enough to put the principal in the water.

The corn hole tournament began at 2 p.m. and finished close to 6:30 p.m. The first-place winners were Celina residents Luke Mohon and Josh Bullard. They called themselves Team Dream Crushers.

Money raised for the new charity exceeded $75,000. When asked for a total, Synatzske laughed and said, “We are still counting.” The folks in Light Farms are doing a great thing.

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