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Artwork on the streets of Prosper -Bringing joy to the streets from a little rock with a lot of love

Artwork on the streets of Prosper -Bringing joy to the streets from a little rock with a lot of love

Tish Cama | Cedarbrook Media

A small rock and a little paint to sparkle it up has been the talk of the town over the last week. It began with a post on Facebook from the Town of Prosper about a small rock being found in a Prosper park with the word “Imagine” painted on it. People have been wondering where it came from, and since then, these decorated stones have been popping up all over town.

Library director, Leslie Scott, came across three of these rocks placed outside the library doors one morning and commented that they set the mood for the day by reminding the staff that someone was thinking of them. “It’s not just some painted rock that someone set outside,” Scott said. “It’s sort of this wonderful giving community, bringing a smile to your face. A moment where you see someone took the time to decorate and create this little piece of joy.” Varying in size and painting styles, the rocks all have “#ProsperRocks – Keep or Hide you decide!” written on the back of each stone.

Jeanette Caballero-Bell says she is the creator of this game. She got the idea to use her daughter’s creativity to bring smiles to the community. “With all the negativity in the world and society today, the rocks are meant to spread smiles and cheer around Prosper and other cities,” Caballero-Bell commented. “Whether you decorate a rock in someone’s memory, write a passage, a positive message, or just paint the rock, you can guarantee the ‘finder’ will have a smile on their face. It is a positive movement.” The “Prosper Rocks” Facebook group has more than 130 members now. The page states the intent is to spread happiness in the town, “Paint some rocks. Spread some cheer! Be creative. You don’t have to be Picasso. Every rock will be super special. Don’t forget to write ‘Prosper Rocks’ somewhere on your masterpiece!”

So far rocks have been spotted at Frontier Park, the Prosper Community Library, outside Cotton Gin Cafe, and in the Prosper Medical Plaza off North Preston Rd. Scott continues to comment, “It’s the little things that have such a huge impact, just a little rock with so much time put into creating brings so many smiles.”

This random act is stirring up people in the town. There may be more decorative rocks hidden throughout Prosper and bringing such a sense of happiness to all who come across it.

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