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Prosper Family Dentistry – Mouthguard Day!

Prosper Family Dentistry – Mouthguard Day!

Prosper Family Dentistry Mouthguard Day

It is probably not possible to quantify how much Dr. Jill Sentlingar loves our little town of Prosper. Opening a dental practice here in 2004 fulfilled her dream of being an integral part of a thriving, close-knit community, and she has spent the last 13 years providing the highest quality of healthcare to this place she calls home. As a sports fan herself and the mom of two athletic boys, she loves the way Prosper rallies around its young athletes, from Little League all the way up to Prosper High School varsity teams.

Over a decade ago, she decided that one awesome way to promote great dental health and give back to her community was to make sure every Prosper High School varsity football player had access to a professionally-made custom mouthguard. The role of athletic mouthguards in preventing serious dental injuries cannot be overemphasized.

Over the years, Prosper Family Dentistry has made countless mouthguards for hundreds of football players who have passed through Prosper High School. One year, when getting the players to our office became difficult, we took our office to them, taking impressions of their teeth in the field house (complete with proper infection control protocol). In recent years, our “Mouthguard Day” event has become known for the fabulous barbecue pulled pork sandwiches provided by Dr. Jill’s husband, Pat. We know how hungry teenage boys can be and serve barbecue to the players while they wait for their turn for impressions.

After the impressions of their teeth have been taken and the players have all gone, our talented dental assistants work ‘round the clock to make stone models of each player’s teeth and then use those models for the fabrication of a mouthguard, custom fit to each individual player. We deliver the mouthguards to the athletic director at PHS, with instructions for the use and care of them.

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