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Kids Say

Kids Say


He likes to play at the park, he’s going to jump in the pool a lot, he likes Disney and Nickelodeon, I’m fairly certain he used the most mature facial expressions to consider my questions that I’ve ever seen, and he brought Branch the Troll doll to the interview.

Tell me about Branch.

Well he doesn’t stand up at all, but he sits.

So he goes out with you, like the library?

Yes, I sometimes take him with us in the car and to places.

Does he sleep with you?

Yes, ma’am, when he can.

How old are you?


So next year will you go to pre-school?

Actually, I’m in preschool now.

What’s your favorite color?

Blue and green too.

What kind of ice cream do you like?

Chocolate! I mean vanilla. Yes vanilla, it’s the goodest ice cream.

Do you have a favorite sport?

Soccer. I don’t actually play it, I play baseball. I like baseball now too.

What is your team’s name?

The Bulls

Tell me about the University of Texas hat you have on today? Is that a team you like?


Do you know someone who went to school there?

My dad. My mom went to Auburn.

Do you think you’ll go to one of those schools when you get older?


Where do you think you’ll go?

Where my mom tells me to go. But she hasn’t told me yet.

Do you have a pet?

I have two dogs, Willie and Louie

What do you like about your dogs?

Well, I like Louie when he lays on my bed because he thinks it’s his bed, but it’s my bed actually. He actually did that today. Louie sleeps on this side and Willie sleeps on this side. And then I sleep where they let me!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Prosper Community Library Director Leslie Scott has a unique opportunity for candid discussions with youngster of all ages. She is sharing these experiences through the Prosper Times.

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