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The Prosper community is filled with compassionate, giving, successful leaders and PROSPER Magazine is excited to once again recognize their efforts and their contributions to the community! We launched this program in 2012 and have been fortunate to recognize Prosper greats such as Dr. Drew Watkins, Jennifer Sanchez, Chief Stuart Blasingame, Patty Felan, Greg Wright and the late Dave Williams. All are wonderful examples of what Prosper is and we are so proud to recognize their heart and love for this community!!

We are again asking for nominations for Prosper’s Person of 2018…who do YOU believe is worthy? We are looking for residents of Prosper who are active in giving back to the community, who make a difference in the entire community and who represent our growing town with grace and style. We know that EVERYONE in our community is wonderful, but we are specifically looking for those that make an impact on Prosper as a whole…on the children, on the development, on the school district, on the businesses and on the PEOPLE!!

  1. Submit your COMPLETE nomination by 12/23/2018. Please include the SPECIFIC reason you are nominating this individual. Your reason will be published as the basis for the public’s voting.
  2. We will include the NOMINATIONS in the January Issue of PROSPER Magazine and will open up online voting on January 1, 2019.
  3. Online Voting at will run from 1/1/2019 – 1/22/2019. Each email address will be allowed ONE vote.
  4. A selection committee will be formed and will meet on 1/24/2019. If you’d like to be considered to be on the committee, please email
  5. Each nominee will be photographed and will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about what Prosper means to them. These will be included in the February issue of PROSPER Magazine.
  6. The WINNER will be featured on the cover of PROSPER Magazine in February and will receive a commemorative plaque for their contribution to the community.


PPOY Cover

“My mother taught me to volunteer. She raised four girls, worked full time, managed a household and gave of her time to the community.  I have been blessed with a loving family, and a great husband.  When you give to other, you will get back.  What I received was a wonderful daughter.  I realized that feet on the ground volunteering is what I love.  You meet so many wonderful people.  Our town is blessed with great volunteers full of love and kindness.” – Patty Felan



Congratulations to each of the 2017 Nominees!

Michael Pettis

Michael has done so much to keep Prosper growing, but at the same time, keeping its roots alive. He’s also done a tremendous job with “Sons of the Flag” organization, which raises awareness and money for burn victims. He’s always giving and is an incredible father.


Seth Ringley

Seth has been a huge part of multiple charities in Prosper donating time, catering services and products to local organizations. On top of that is own non profit, Triple G Relief, represented this community for ten weeks down in Houston feeding the victims, first responders and military after hurricane Harvey. They served over 37,000 plates of food over that time frame and had a lot of local support as well.


Rachel Holt

She has brought to our community the amazing Suzuki Strings! It is one of the hardest instruments to play and within one year our community has something that makes us even more outstanding!


Patty Felan

Patty is a girl on the go. She is full of spirit and involved in anything & everything that helps those in Prosper. Her leadership, volunteerism and involvement with Clothe-a-Child, Cornerstone, Light Lunch Ministries, Prosper Ladies Association and behind the scenes helping people in need will warm your heart. Her assistance generally goes without notice because she helps others that need it, expecting nothing in return. Her love of gardening, plants & environment ensure that her hands are full with the Prosper Garden Club, Collin County Master Gardeners, the Prosper Water Tower Demonstration Garden project and ensuring that the Jana Thomson Garden, located at Rucker Elementary is perfectly maintained at all times. Patty is a true friend to many in our community & has a servant’s heart in all that she does. Her compassion, concern & caring for others is genuine. She exemplifies the qualities that our Prosper Person of the Year should possess. I encourage you and your committee to strongly consider her for this honor & recognition.


Machelle Scogin

Machelle Scogin has taught in Prosper for 18 years, she has been assistant principal and is now the current principal at Rucker Elementary for the past 5 years. She recently moved to McKinney but before lived in Prosper over 16 years. She has not only shaped the minds of current and past students but has the biggest heart to where she can shape the mind of anyone she comes in contact with. When I think of Prosper and the way it has changed over the past 10 years or so I cant help of think of Machelle. She has seen Prosper change and grow to the community it is now, and I can’t help but say she has helped Prosper grow in many ways also. Machelle has been nominated and attended Harvard University 3 years in a row for an outstanding Principal/Educator conference. Machelle devotes her time and love to her family, her students, her school and her town. Everyone in Prosper knows her, loves her and cherishes her. I cannot think of anyone more deserving for this than Machelle Scogin.


Erin Kauffman

Erin Kaufman, aka Coach Mac, is one of those educators who goes above and beyond the line of duty. She puts her heart and soul into her team. She has always been a very dedicated coach and this past year, being her first year as a ‘real’ mom to her own child she has found remarkable success in not only her endeavors as a coach, (winning State of course) but has balanced that delicate but not easy task of being a wife and mother as well. She is an inspiration to all of us that know her and especially to her volleyball families.

Other than being the best high school volleyball coach in Texas, she is constantly working hard to give her team and staff the best. She cares about everyone and brings confidence to every event.


Jen Lutes

Jen truly cares for the people in our community. As the Executive Director of Cornerstone NCT, she is often helping those in our community in need but she’s also a great friend, counselor and servant of many others as well. She’s a great mom and involved with her kids activities, active in the ISD on top of everything else she does week in and out. Big asset to our community and well deserving of Prosper’s Person of the Year.


Amanda Thrash

Amanda is currently the Administrator for Texas Health Neighborhood Care & Wellness Prosper. She is passionate and dedicated to serving the community of Prosper and has been invaluable to Texas Health’s efforts to bring quality and convenient care to Prosper’s residents. In addition, she is an active participant in the Town of Prosper’s health initiatives lending her expertise in developing worthwhile activities to promote the health and wellbeing of her own community. Beyond her work in health-focused endeavors, Amanda has also demonstrated commitment to promoting Prosper’s women in leadership by co-founding the Chamber’s Ladies in Leadership group. While Amanda may be newer to the Prosper community, she has undoubtedly made significant contributions to the health and leadership empowerment of Prosper’s citizens.


Grant Rutledge

Grant is retired, serves at Prestonwood North as the head of security, and this summer, gave of his time to build the news set for Eagle Nation News at PHS. He’s always the first to arrive, the last to leave, and serves everyone with grace and love.


Betsy Winters

Every time I am at a community event I see Betsy’s smiling face. She is the head of Bethlehem place and serves the community there with a smile. I have never seen Betsy frown or be rude to anyone even when times get hard. She loves Prosper and her love and hard work shows it.


Rick Carpenter

Although he is the Prosper Baseball coach and it is his job to coach the baseball boys, it is much more than that for him. He is building character in these boys. Showing them and teaching them that giving back is part of being a good human being. He is shaping the next generation of athletes to be humble and kind. He leads by example. He is quiet and behind the scenes but he is around touching and changing lives.



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