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PISD News: Leading the Way with Kindness

PISD News: Leading the Way with Kindness

You know, if you asked me what I envisioned for my first year as superintendent of Prosper ISD, I would have talked about the amazing students we have in this district. The supportive families. The INCREDIBLE, world-class, top-notch educators that go above and beyond for the students and families we serve. I appreciate and love our students and staff so very deeply and want nothing more than for them to finish this school year strong.

The focus this year has been truly incredible work being done in our district – the fact that we started school in person weeks before most schools, holding in-person classes ALL YEAR LONG in the midst of a global pandemic, literally building new support systems for students and staff, celebrating state cross country runners, swimmers, fine arts, football and the list goes on.  We were also instructing our students virtually who needed this option to learn while consistently keeping our standard of excellence in place.

My belief is that kindness is being able to give someone else your strength when they need it most. The past year has been full of emotions and my hope is that we return to the place that made us fall in love with Prosper. The one thing I have always loved about this community is its ability to rally around one another in moments of strength and weakness.

In a time of unrest, the strong become stronger by uniting and supporting each other. My hope is that in the days moving forward as we close out the school year that we remember that we have students who are depending on each of us to lead the way and show the way with grace, compassion and kindness for all.

We Are Prosper, We Are One!

Dr. Holly Ferguson

Prosper ISD Superintendent

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