A Lifelong Friendship – Betty Hodges Hughes and Betty Jackson Stewart

By Leslie Scott It’s a typical weekday morning at the Cotton Gin with breakfast crowds gathering and in a crowd of people, there are two ladies there that are as much a part of Prosper as the business itself. Betty Stewart and Betty Hughes have known each other most of their lives. Friends since they
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Cedarbrook Studios presents COUNTRY CHRISTMAS PORTRAITS! It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…and we are thrilled to announce that we have opened Prosper’s first and only portrait studio!! Cedarbrook Studios offers a full service, boutique style photography, focusing on each client’s individual needs. Although we will offer Family photos, Seniors, Business headshots and various
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I imagine many of us have dreamed of being called a “Master”, but one Prosper resident can say he’s earned it. Master Buddy Hudson is an 8th degree black belt, an international champion and an inductee to the Masters Hall of Fame. With over 30 years experience in the martial arts, Master Hudson is widely
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The year was 2006. The population in the Town of Prosper was a mere 5,244 but would increase by five when Darrin and Rita Hendley moved to Prosper with their three children, Rose, Sarah, and Ross. Fast forward eleven years and the then-newcomer Hendley family are now familiar faces around the Town of Prosper, often
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Lead Pastor at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church and 2016 Prosper Person of the Year Nominee, Kenny Thacker’s talents are many and varied. He’s a family man, religious man, music man, a Bluegrass celebrity, and a bit of a family historian.

Nine years ago, Erin became the first female police officer in the Prosper Police Department. Today, she is an integral part of the ever-growing department.

She’s been a great help on the Prosper Community Library Board for the past 5 years.

Janie has lived in Prosper since 1991 — more than 26 years.

If that name sounds familiar it’s because she is married to the ever-popular Prosper Fire Chief Ronnie Tucker.

This week’s spotlight is on Farzeen Cama, a native of Bombay, India who has lived in Prosper for 11 years and finds joy in helping the people around her. Farzeen and husband Xerxes moved from Bombay to Chicago 19 years ago, but the weather there was not agreeable. So, a few years later they moved
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The Prosper Times will be featuring Prosper residents each week in what we are calling “Prosper Profiles.” We want to bring to the forefront individuals who quietly go about their business with little to no fanfare. If you know of someone who qualifies for this spot, please send an email to me at the above
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