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It Had Me at Adore

October is such a fun month for so many reasons. There’s cooler weather, fall decorations, homecoming, football, colors of nature begin to change, we begin wearing sweatshirts and sweaters, and it’s the beginning of a new fiscal year at the library. Okay, I know for most everyone else, a new fiscal year is not considered ...

A Book Debate

While at a book store, I’m just as likely to be watching the people there as I am to be looking at the books. I look at what they are reading, what they are buying, and which books they are chatting with others about. And that was the case this morning, Columbus Day, as I ...

The Importance of a First Line

Lately I’ve seen several online articles and links about the first line of books. It’s interesting how we remember the first line of a book and how important it is or may become to the entire story.

Map Included

For many years I judged and made an assumption. I admit it, I did it. When I open a book and there’s a detailed map either in the inside cover or the center I close that book right back and move on. I assume that the book is going to be so complicated that I will need a map to keep track of the story.

There is a Line

Last week someone was hateful towards me. I’m not talking about road rage or a quick rude comment, I mean intentionally hateful in their behavior and dialogue towards me.

Do you scan ahead?

I’m a people watcher — plain and simple — I enjoy watching people. I don’t do it to critique, make assumptions, nor to criticize. I simply enjoy watching people. Recently I noticed an insignificant situation that happens to most of us, which I knew I was reacting to, and I decided to change my behavior. ...

TSA vs. Your Carry-On Book

The TSA has begun testing a new rule that passengers remove books from their carry-on bags for inspection. The reasoning I could find after researching for this, vary from books being dense and therefore hard to distinguish if they include or hide explosives, carry-on baggage has become too densely packed and heavy and airlines would ...


Pool floats and kitchen utensils

Leslie Scott | Prosper Times contributor - As I was lost in the abyss of Amazon shopping this weekend, I was struck by some items that I’m seeing a lot of and wondered why in the world they are just now popular. For instance, pool floats. The latest trend in pool floats are every day, but ...


In Other Words – One Book, One Town, but not just one

By Leslie Scott | Prosper Times Contributor-    This is the third year the Prosper Community Library has offered the One Book, One Town program and each year it continues to grow. Unlike most libraries that truly offer one book to read as a community, we offer one adult book and then books with similar ...