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Texas-Tough container gardens Plants, pots, and a pro’s tips that are unfazed by heat and drought

The whole world seems to be in love with container plants. So much so that some gardeners can’t control themselves. Their whole gardens have gone to pot. Texans have embraced container plants since the earliest Spanish settlers first introduced the concept. After all, they make great mobile horticultural displays. They provide added architectural interests in their construction form and materials.

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Growing Prosper – It is that Time of Year Again!! Let’s talk about Mosquitoes.

By Jimmie Gibson Jr. | Special to the Prosper Times-      I am generally not a big fan of chemical products that harm our environment and avoid using toxic chemical insect repellents, yet the mosquitoes seem to find me tastier than ever. My profession, however, requires me to be outside around clients’ residences and my solution is to wear

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