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Prosper ISD News: How Can we Honor our Educators?

Prosper ISD News: How Can we Honor our Educators?

George Lucas shared a powerful quote that speaks to the heart of an educator, “Teachers are the most important individuals in our society – nothing is as powerful as the human touch in education.” We all have one teacher who changed our world, touched our hearts, and inspired us. At this time of political elections, I have seen a shift from respecting the work of educators to a new wave of judging the work of an educator and questioning their decisions. The reality is that each of the politicians attempting to get elected was impacted by educators who assisted them to get them to the place they are today.

I believe that we are in a period of time where more glory needs to be given to our educators. Our educators in Prosper ISD need to be rallied around and reminded of how much they mean to our community because they impact our future, our students. The profession is one that is a calling and one that stays with you all hours of the day because our work is the work of the heart.  When teachers go to sleep at night, they are thinking of the children they teach, and they wake up with this same thought in their minds. Always trying to answer the question, “What can I do better and how can I give more to each child I serve?” Teachers do not choose the profession because of the praise they will receive. They choose the profession because they want to make a difference and have an impact on the future. The job is anchored in creating possibilities and making dreams become a reality. 

You might be wondering, how is it that we can honor our educators? We can start by continuing to value teachers, empowering them, and recognizing the impact they have on our youth. The words must match the actions and the value must be a deep value that uplifts and applauds the efforts of educators.

Please join me in uplifting and applauding the efforts of our incredible Prosper ISD Educators. My challenge to each of us is to notice, appreciate, verbalize, and share when your child or children have a magical moment that could only be created and crafted by a teacher who has such passion, recognizes the importance of their calling, and would move mountains if that was what was needed to impact the life of a child.

Dr. Holly Ferguson
Prosper ISD Superintendent
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